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Rindu Awak 200%

the new malay drama that i got hooked on. nasib baik baru 7 episode when i first started to get addicted... or to be introduced. what i did was, i watched from from ep1 to 7.. haa baru la faham. apa2 pun baru ni lah aku noticed tentang zul ariffin ni punya lakonan. i have watched bikers kental before and malam tadi tengok balik sebab ada zul ariffin... eheheh :D tapi dlm movie tu tak lah semenyerlah macam cerita RA200% hehehe :D of course la kan.. coz biasanya perempuan suka berangan pasal lelaki2 yang kununnya perfect nih... hhmmm... tak pe lah, sementara aku cuti ni... layankan je lah, minggu depan dah start kerja and classes zumba pun berderet seperti biasa, kena tengok kat tonton je lah jawabnya. 
and i need to keep on reminding myself to stop comparing my life with life in the drama.. ye lah.. kalau dalam drama tu macam perfect je kan... hehe :D it is all acting laa... so stop dreaming.. kaiser pun apa kurang nya... errkkk hahahah LOL :D orang lain tu lagi kurang t…

selamat hari raya :D

30th July, 2014: alhamdulillah, masih bernafas bersama2 keluarga tercinta. ingat tak aku pernah bagitau this year macam raya tak de mood? jadi kami beraya ala kadar sahaja. plan awal nak pi holiday ke perth... pergghh angan2 baekkk punya.. lepas tu kira punya kira, macam sayang pulak duit nak belanja banyak2 and planning tak cukup teratur. lagi pun my step son is coming next week jadi kena la standby apa2 yang patut untuk perbelanjaan. lepas tu bila plan ke perth gagal, N1 plan pulak nak ke jogjakarta... pada aku kalau setakat ke sana, errmm malas lah.. baik aku pi somewhere yang i really wanna go with the family - so plan itu gagal juga... akhirnya? hehehe :D tak ke mana... balik kampong macam biasa, hari raya tahun2 sebelumnya... ok jugak. 
tahun ni jugak kita try dok bermonopod... errmm but i dont really enjoy it just yet... baru sangat kut... hehehe :D and bila pakai gambor jadi goyang... ahaks :D
our first raya macam biasa di rumah my parents.. tahun ini kaiser kerja petang jadi …

Last day of ramadhan

27th July 2014: what is my plan for today? Somehow this year's raya has not been that good for most people.. or it is just me? I did less terawikh this year and i feel bad. I was looking forward for ramadhan to take a break from my too hectic and fast life. People killing each other at the war zone. Kids women men dads moms babies - all got killed for the wrong reasons. Religion exists to unite people around the globe, to spread more love within each other but instead they use it to gain power which is so so so very wrong!! What is wrong with you people? And today is already the last day of ramadhan. Will i ever meet you again next year? As healthy as i am this year? Will it be any different? Better different? *sigh* i really hope so. Have a good raya everyone.. maaf zahir batin from me.. thank yoy for still being my blog reader 😊 truly appreciate that.

happy sweet 17 gurl!

24th July 2014: i remembered 17 years ago when my friends celebrated my birthday at the park in bridgeport, i was heavily pregnant with lisa. 4 days later she was born. just 2.95kg, i think... :D so tiny. about 2 months later we brought her back to malaysia. 
today she is already 17 years old. how time flies. alhamdulillah she has always been a good girl.. ermm okay lah.. 90% good girl.. other than that normal kids/teenager usual whatever... hahha :D
her close friends made a surprise birthday iftar for her at ge mall. when i told joelis we were going for iftar at ge mall, they just followed. on the way there lisa asked if her cousins fm wangsa mas are going to be there. i said 'no they are not'.. and she asked if zharee is going to be there... and i said 'no' again. she must be curious why we do not have iftar at my parents house as usual. by then i have already wassap aida and told her where we are... they got ready with cake and lighted the candles as soon as we ste…

what is your theme color for this year's raya?

21st July 2014: i really cannot remember when did all these theme color started. must be from the celebrities. anyway it would be much easier to arrange if you are not married to a mat salleh who saves too much.. :p kaiser will not agree to buy baju melayu every year because he is a track bottom & singlet guy - what do you expect when you marry a personal trainer? hehehe :D so, every year my job is either pujuk him to get new pair, or i will get a new pair for him, or all of us will have to follow what color that he has in his closet. 
2014 raya, our theme is supposed to be green. lisa and i are easy to manage. i guess towards nearer to hari raya, the guys will follow.. and depending how much discount jusco would give, kaiser will then buy a new pair of green baju melayu, OR i will just get one and make sure he wears them! :p either green or orange lah... coz lisa and i got both colors. heheh :D
i managed to find only the last 3 years raya pictures of our theme :D so, what is your…

another wonderful birthday celebrated

20th Jul 2014: i have been thinking for the most relaxing way to celebrate my birthday. hahhaha :D plan sendiri jer, boleh? well anyway, i ordered red velvet birthday cake from my sister - adude's delight and i have been thinking of spending my birthday with my zumba members who have been so supportive. so, to cut story short we had buffet iftar at mozer's, bkt jelutong, together with kalam's clan. i decided to have it on the eve instead because thinking my birthday date is on sunday, next day is a school day. we had a great time :)

on my actual birthday day, i went out with kaiser to karangkraf, but the batek i wanted was sold :'( so, i bought a pair of shoes... hehehe :D kaiser got me a pair of boots, lisa got me a dress and joey got me loads of hersheys chocolates... hehehe :D we had our iftar at sushi king, avenue k. best giler sebab tak ramai orang. after maghrib prayer, we continued with dessert at delicious, avenue k, but situ tak best coz the cake dah lama :( t…

pray for MH17

18th Jul 2014: another tragedy for malaysia, after mh370. i was shocked by the news when i woke up for sahoor. i was hoping that it was a hoax. unfortunately it was real :( i am just speechless. do not know what else to say but let us all pray for all those who perished during the tragic incident and may they all rest in peace. al fatihah
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my unwanted expansion

trying so hard errmmm well not that hard.. hahaha :D to reduce the kilos on my body. the last i checked i weighed 57.5kg and that is wayyy above my ideal weight.. some people will ask why am i complaining? because.. i dont feel good... i dont feel light.. and i get tired easily.. and i dont feel sexy... hahaha over tak? jgn muntah dulu okay... well it is just how i feel as a person. honestly the lazyness is so close to me that makes it tougher..this posting is so boring :P i am just writing this while waiting for joelis to arrive at my office to go for iftar.

kebaya challenge - outdoor circuit training!

wonderful weekend

had fantabulous nasi ambeng for iftar. it is already the 8th of ramadhan and only the 2nd time that we had rice for iftar. we are trying not to have rice for iftar, and we'd normally change it with something else... either mee hoon, kuey tiow (doesn't make that much different), or heavier kuih muih. today sad to say is my 1st terawikh... been ferrying kid for tuition etc... i am getting so sleepy.. but just wanna update my blog - trying to make it active as before... oh well, i am losing readers... but it's okay lah.. what to do.. :D

from left: N3, N4, N2, N1

unproductive days

today is the 2nd day ... dah macam budak2 pulak rasanya.. entah pa ha per... mata punya lah mengantuk. i was really looking forward for ramadhan actually as i needed a break... hehehe nak rest from too much activity... and from my zumba classes too. kadang2 bila cakap macam ni orang question, 'i thought you love zumba' lerr memang ler love but kita bukan robot :p  penat la wehh... hahhaha :D tapi bila dah lepak macam  ni tak de class.. start la boring... huahuahua... so, what i do is... choreograph new songs.. dah settle 1 lagu baru.. ok lah...  ermm ok la... nak update blog pun mcm tak de mood jugak... this year balik office pukul 5pm so semalam dah bersilat dengan traffic... gosh.. nak dekat kul 630pm baru sampai rumah. ambik joey. pastu pergi rumah my parents.. buka and terawikh sekali.. but tahun ni memang tak dapat tiap hari... mana nak mengejarkan joelis tuition lagi... lepas tu patut cadang nak cuci kereta yang dah macam kereta contractor kotornya.. aleh2 tutup... bagu…