Sunday, June 1, 2014

superb weekend - alhamdulillah

i think i am not the only one who is feeling this... 24 hours is just not enough anymore. so, what i do now is spend most time doing what i love - being with the people who brings joy to me and be with positive people.

this weekend we had another outdoor zumba session with our fellow members. and the great thing was, we get to to extra.. we were 'busy' zumba-ing at our small area... and my demmm speaker went crazy ... argghhh... i think it was the battery! cehh... and when an officer from dbkl called me up to do a session at the main stage... so first, i asked our members if they wanna continue... and they said yes... so... apa lagi... we had almost 2 hours of zumba at the lake garden... it was really awesome!!

on sunday, which is today.. i was invited again at the same place.. so i started to blast invitation to everybody i know.. and we had a fantabulous time!! TQ to all supporters who woke up early in the morning to be with us... lots of closed road did not stop us!
hehehe i love my back view :p
group photo at the end of the session 1st June, 2014

and because weekends are normally for family - i want to be able to be with my parents for breakfast... so i asked my mom if she and dad are okay to go to lake garden on sunday morning. she agreed and as usual, my dad will just follow.. hehehe :D luckily - alhamdulillah my dad got a good parking spot in front... lisa and i just keep on praying that they'll get a good spot due to my mom's leg's condition.TQ ayah & mama for the support!! love you lotss....

but i wasn't that lucky... hehehe and because i have to be on time.. kaiser had to take over his car and find a parking while i walked in the lake garden to be at the main stage for the session :p kena bebel, Tuhan je yang tahu... heheheh cair la gak lilin dalam telinga ni... so, before anything more, i apologies again for having him to find a parking :p