Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rumah Jagaan & Rawatan Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas, Puchong

alhamdulillah we were given the opportunity to do this, finally to help the unfortunate as much as we can. being the department head of customer service and marketing at my workplace has given me the chance to seek of ways to help others for our company's csr project. something that i wanted to do with whatever that i have in terms of money and energy. so, when i do not have that much money to give away, i try to work with organizations who can help. 

for the past few years i have always discussed with our marketing executive that we should be helping the old folks home because for orphans there have been many companies helping. somehow it didn't materialized. this year was the closest that i could get to the old folks home. i have requested for our marketing executive to do a research and look for an old folks home that we can help. she went with our customer service executive and technical personnel to check on the wiring of the home, the condition of the residents and we made a report. to cut story short when everything was done - we do have a budget for this (we, means the company that i am working for) however, somehow the project was dismissed due to some cost savings exercise. i was very frustrated.

so, for our 2nd event in 2014, my partner and i had a discussion and decided that the charity beneficiary that we should do this time is for Rumah Al Ikhlas, Puchong. i just have to do it... and because this event is organized by our own company, we CAN do this! and alhamdulillah with the profit that we made, we managed to donate 50% from the sum to be given to Rumah Al Ikhlas, Puchong.
handing over the donation to Din - Pn Muji's son.
kaiser in front of the home.
i also want my kids to learn and see how sometimes other people do not live like how they want to. kaiser, lisa and i went there in the afternoon and when we reached there, there was an old man seated outside of the home. the home was an old mosque converted to be a home for the old folks. there were 2 areas divided to separate between men and women. there were many stuff seen donated by the public. the home was clean except that the workers should be nicer to the residents. in my opinion, the public should visit the place first before coming with lots of food that in the end will be wasted or expired. we didn't take photos of the residents and the home because i just don't feel comfortable doing it and i would want to respect their privacy. however, we had pictures taken by our marketing executive that i can share towards the end of this posting.

the update that i wish to write here is that, the person who runs the home now, Pn Muji is facing breast cancer stage 4. now her son, Din is assisting. i would like to take this opportunity to call out to the public to help them in terms of cash for them to run the place on daily basis - to help with the bills, maintenance of the place and even perhaps to pay their staff so that they are happier working there hence, they will treat the residents better.

my concern now is that the place that their staying now might be taken over. anyone out there with a piece of unused land - and perhaps can build a home for these residents? lisa was asking me to set a fund/foundation - get it licensed to raise enough money to build a new home for them. hemmm very ambitious of her...

these photos were taken in sept 2013 during my staffs visit. there are not much different from our visit today.
lots of extension being done - suggest to do new wiring for the whole home.
needs to be upgraded as it trips often.

only 2 washing machines to cover for the whole residents that works non-stop.

more stocks seen when we came today. they need daily food more instead of dried food. i.e vegetables, fish, chicken, beef on daily basis.

the residents' prayer area.
male residents' section.

how can we help?
1) al rajhi bank officer to visit Pn Muji and make it easier for her and/or her son to retrieve the donation in the account as Pn Muji is currently weak at home. because for now according to Din, there are many cheques that can be banked in but only Pn Muji can take out the money and she has been very ill. so yesterday, instead of giving a cheque, AKO Fitness gave cash to make it easier for Din to utilize the donation for daily usage.

2) to do stock check on the dried items given, and help to raise money from there as all these dried stocks are too much and they have expiry dates. Pn Muji and/or Din is afraid to do this as they do not want to be seen as taking advantage of the donation. think it this way, rather than the dried items expires and being wasted, might as well sell off and use the cash for the maintenance of the home, get good daily healthy food for the residents.

3) it it is true that the land will be taken away, maybe we can create a fund - foundation to help them have a new home in a new area rather than being quite secluded like their current place. we need you rich people out there!!!