Tuesday, June 24, 2014

'busuk' people

i have no frieking idea what to put as the title today. the deeper i am in this industry, the more that i learn about the 'busukness' of some people. it is 'too busuk' that even thinking about it or about those people just make me wanna puke!! and... because of the level of professionalism that i would like to maintain, i have to endure all these and still face them on day to day basis. i see them communicating with me like they are innocent... and how they acted so normal as if i don't know their 'busukness'!!

funny this people would post on certain things on value of friendship... or things about karma... or about how they become a victim of certain situation... when i think the only reason that they get all that is because they are 'busuk'!! 

they take advantage of other people's kindness... and there are also 'omong kosong' people.. remember, people are being trusted when they hang on to their promise/words. will i have a future business with this person? i don't think so... *smirk*

and owh.. i really wanna write about this person... and to make this posting more fun, i will give an alphabet as nickname... hahahaha... because if i were to write what is the gender, it will be too easy... let us call the person, 'S'... because i just feel the person is like a snaaakkkeeee... not that i know S very well... but we have talked and chat and yes we are in the same fitness industry. the funny thing is, one fine day someone i know attended S's class... and in the conversation my name came up.. and S was asked if S knows me... S said S doesn't know me... and the very same day, S liked something on my wall that i posted... hahahaha.. :D if you don't know me, how can you be in my friends' list eekkk?? and liked my posting??? oh puhleezzz... a very good acting you put out there... and this S when we were wassaping... S will sound... soooooo nice... 'superficially' nice i would say..

God please give me strength to face this 'busuk' people ... :D :P and please let me meet up with more nice people.. amiinnn...


uncle gedek said...

Sebab tu ada istilah... 'mulut bau longkang!'


Ein said...

haah, betul jugak ehhh... hahaha patut la busuk macam longkang... !!

Ein said...
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