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groceries pun nak curi?

translated as... steal my groceries???

i was at sam's groceries during lunch yesterday.. trying out the new supermarket near my office. and with those heavy plastic bags, Wds and i brought them to where i park my car, hid them behind me car coz i need to take my car key... with the hope or thought, "who would steal groceries, right?" i went up to my office, not even 10minutes... got down.. to keep them in my car.. and wallaa... it was gone!!! i was so furious!!
went around the parking area... asked everyone there... and 1 guy said he saw someone carrying white plastic bags... immediately i suspected the cleaner!!! memang i said if she/he took it... sakit perut seumur hidup!!! 
i wasnt satisfied... i looked around and ask... and suddenly one of the guys saw the supervisor. i asked the supervisor.. he defended his workers and said that impossible they would steal. i told him that i still want to see their resting room.. he brought me to the basement parking.. and i saw th…

AKO Fitness supported D'adza Fitness ZUMBAparty

by 10am I was already at Dewan Cempaka, Taman Cempaka to set up our booth. my loyal assistant, Lisa was with me... although after awhile she suddenly got a panic attack because her exam is this week... Kaiser has arrived by then, so I sent Lisa to be in my car and study. AKO Fitness team members arrived early as well... all looked fabulous in the AKO Fitness tshirt :) still up for sale if you want :) Price is RM29 each and special discounted price for members only - RM26 each.
there were zumba kids, zumba fitness & zumba gold combined. a good effort by D'adza Fitness with lots of lucky draw given away. just that... kaiser and i weren't that lucky :P heheheh :D but hey... i got the la senza as a gift... yey! TQ TQ!
i was so happy with our performance during the event... AKO Fitness team members were so energetic, sporting and fun!! we did great alright!! looking forward for such events.. photo credits: AKO Fitness team members.

boring sunday

goshh suddenly it has become the most boring day for the week!! i had lots of things to do.. but towards end of the day it gets so boring... maybe because we didn't get to go to Mozers!!!?? hahahah :D
so, let's just look back what did i do today?  sent joey for rugby tournament at smss.had a wonderful breakfast session with my girlfriends - we used to be housemates back in the early 90s in ipoh :)washed my car after 3 weeks!! *sigh* finally... huh! :P hahahacooked chicken soup for my dad coz he was not well, but ended up they had early lunch, so my mom told me to bring it over for dinner instead.shared nasi kukus ayam rempah with lisa for lunch.grilled chicken patty and 2 eggs for kaiser's lunch.preparing some details for our upcoming event in june 2014!! yey... went to my parents' house to send the chicken soup & i had cekodok bilis for tea... yey yey...pick up joey from the lrt station. came home, cooked rice & got ayam masak kicap from my mom - barter trade …