Sunday, April 20, 2014

my first aqua zumba experience...

...not only that... for the first time i am out of KL doing some zumba events :D and the feeling... it was so different... i felt like this whole thing is a new family to me. those smiling faces after attending the fun zumba fitness classes that we taught is just so satisfying! i must say tq to kaiser for supporting me and encouraging me to go to Kuantan :) and tq to my zumba fitness partner ZIN John for inviting me to join and support their aqua zumba event. it was really fun... and this week, i had like 7 days a week of zumba fitness :P and the feeling is so... uuhmmm... best giler!!! i have not felt so happy working like this for so long. **sigh** and tq to my darling lisa for accompanying me during the journey. :))

will i do this again?? insyaallah, yes... but soon... we will be organizing perhaps 2 aqua zumba session on 17th & 18th May, 2014.

why aqua zumba? because we wish to have more people to have the option to do something to get healthier! aqua ZUMBA gives lower impact on your knees, joints and back and more...
  • it’s a fun, low-impact cardio option.
  • no one can see your dance moves (if you are a shy person) - they can only see your face with a smile, shoulders, upper body and head
  • fantastic option for many people with joint concerns.
  • being in the water can help to improve circulation while your heart pumps more efficiently.
enjoy some of the pictures during our Aqua Zumba in Kuantan on 19th April 2014

 wanna try?? you know what to do... just wassap me or drop an email :)