Sunday, April 27, 2014

AVEDA Water Walk for Charity

we had a great time today. complaining about waking up too early on a sunday has already been deleted :P hehhe sorry i am out of words or sentences to explain how i feel. kaiser and i were at pavillion as early as 6am as requested by the organizer. it was really a fun day for all of us... it was a charity event that we, under AKO Fitness participated. i'd like to thank all my shadows for being so sporting... hehehe and TQ Iris for being up there on stage during the stretching up session. :P eheheheh :D 

the zumba fitness session was really fun and impromptu. looking at the children enjoying themselves and the adults just brushed off that tired feeling and... with NO breakfast ok... all i had was a can of red bull. :P hhuurmm... ok ya'll... just check out the photos below... it was.. really really fun. 

These were the crowd that did ZUMBA with us!! awesomeness!!
My shadows... from left: Syara, Me, Hanny, Wawa, Ira
my deary hubby, PT, and biz partner
thanks ya'll although it was last minute! :) muaahhh

photo credit: iris' Iphone