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AVEDA Water Walk for Charity

we had a great time today. complaining about waking up too early on a sunday has already been deleted :P hehhe sorry i am out of words or sentences to explain how i feel. kaiser and i were at pavillion as early as 6am as requested by the organizer. it was really a fun day for all of us... it was a charity event that we, under AKO Fitness participated. i'd like to thank all my shadows for being so sporting... hehehe and TQ Iris for being up there on stage during the stretching up session. :P eheheheh :D 
the zumba fitness session was really fun and impromptu. looking at the children enjoying themselves and the adults just brushed off that tired feeling and... with NO breakfast ok... all i had was a can of red bull. :P hhuurmm... ok ya'll... just check out the photos below... it was.. really really fun. 

photo credit: iris' Iphone

my first aqua zumba experience...

...not only that... for the first time i am out of KL doing some zumba events :D and the feeling... it was so different... i felt like this whole thing is a new family to me. those smiling faces after attending the fun zumba fitness classes that we taught is just so satisfying! i must say tq to kaiser for supporting me and encouraging me to go to Kuantan :) and tq to my zumba fitness partner ZIN John for inviting me to join and support their aqua zumba event. it was really fun... and this week, i had like 7 days a week of zumba fitness :P and the feeling is so... uuhmmm... best giler!!! i have not felt so happy working like this for so long. **sigh** and tq to my darling lisa for accompanying me during the journey. :))
will i do this again?? insyaallah, yes... but soon... we will be organizing perhaps 2 aqua zumba session on 17th & 18th May, 2014.
why aqua zumba? because we wish to have more people to have the option to do something to get healthier! aqua ZUMBA gives lower impac…

our 5th wedding anniversary - 12042014

off late ni aku rajin merajuk hati sendiri. kaiser tak buat apa2 pun, tapi aku yang ngarut. lagi pun masing-masing busy dengan kerja. so, berbalik kepada title posting aku hari ni.. it's about our 5th anniversary. i wanted to plan to go somewhere but somehow our weekends are full. kalau kami tak busy, anak2 akan busy... so, how? lagi pun earlier this year kaiser already bought for me a diamond ring from habib, jadi aku tak de la nak hope untuk apa2.. hik hik hik :D takkan nak mintak lagi kut kan :P ahakss... anyway, carik punya carik tempat untuk holiday, akhirnya aku give up. jadi on friday, the eve of our anniversary, aku pun buat dek jer..

malam tu kaiser balik dari kerja, tiba2 dia tanya "do you want to sleep well at night?" "aahhh sudah...." dalam hati aku.. apa pulak laki aku nak ni? hehehe :D aku pun buat la muka blur... "hah?" jawab aku. "here, since tomorrow is our anniversary... i get you this... you can wear it tonight" aku happy …

jenis dengki manusia

aku sajer je compile semua ni sebab aku bosan. ada gak lah setengah2 insiden tu terkena batang hidup sendiri, tu yg terasa nak merapu kat sini.

dengki kedai rambut: kita biasa dgn kedai rambut A, lepas tu pi potong rambut kat kedai rambut B. bila pergi balik kedai rambut A, dia wash and blow rambut macam tah apa-apa pesennya. alasan dia, kalau dia potong rambut kita, dia takkan potong style macam tu.. supaya rambut kita lebih kemas lah tak kembang lah, tak frizzy lah dan lain-lain lagi. padahal kalau pergi kedai rambut C yang kita tak pernah pergi, dia blow rambut kita yang hasil potongan kedai rambut B tu ok jer... hehehe :D sebab apa? sebab... dia sort of tak hilang kita as customer.
dengki peniaga gerai: kalau gerai melekat sebelah-sebelah, tak boleh duduk kat meja kita kalau tak order dengan kita. err tapi logik la jugak kan.. kalau asyik dok kat meja kita tapi order dari gerai sebelah, apa hal? :P
dengki berniaga industri yang sama: haaa... yang ni, aku maleh nak cakap/type terang2…