Friday, March 7, 2014

what's the best investment for your kids?

kenapa joey tanya soalan pelik balik sekolah tadi?
joey: mama ada invest apa2 tak under nama joey atau lisa?
me: ada kenapa?
joey: tak la joey tanya je
me: invest macamana? untuk apa?
joey: nanti kalau joey tak de duit ke..
me: la, kalau tak de duit mintak la dgn mama.
joey: tak la.. nanti kalau dah besar tak dpt kerja ke.
me: joey belajar la rajin2, dpt kerja.
joey: ye la.. mama tak de ke invest beli gold ke apa ke?
me: ada la tapi belum tulis wasiat lagi. apsal joey tanya macam ni?
joey: tak de pa per lah.. tanya je.. bye love you too..
me: *puzzled* ermm bye.. love you.
feeling puzzled.

joey will have all sorts of questions for me at times. and he doesn't talk much.. maybe it's a boy thingy that he doesn't talk that much now with me? :( 

anyway, told hime before he goes to sleep, that my best investment for my kids are their studies, knowledge. no matter how much cash or assets you have, when you use it bit by bit, it will be gone. but if you have knowledge, no one can take it away from you :)