mh370 where are you?

from the time that we know mh370 went missing, most people gets uneasy.. confused... and whatever you wanna call it. it has been more than 60 hours and somehow i am quite affected by it. i don't know why... my sleep is disturbed. each time i wake up, i will check on my twitter for any updates. where can you be mh370? everyone is waiting for your return home safely. i can only imagine, if they are safe somewhere, could the be enough food for everyone on board? is everyone okay? who would have done this to them? and why?

*sigh* tired of reading people who keep on complaining on how our government is tackling this issue. ingat macam makan kacang putih ke? don't they know how detail it can be? entah la.. mata dah berpinar reading news... nothing new being updated. sad... frustrated...etc etc etc... can you imagine how or what does the family members feel right now? :(


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