Monday, March 17, 2014

bila migraine menimpa

this is really uncomfortable for me. i rarely gets migraine.. but when i get it, it is either i have been having too much to think, or it is near pms.. or the least reason is when i put on accessories. yes, i have this issue... i can only wear gold or i will get migraine. doesn't matter lah if it is a necklace or ear rings etc... so, if i really like some accessories, i will only wear it for a while - only for the event otherwise i will suffer for at least 2 to 3 days :(

so, right now i am having migraine since saturday.. but i can't be lying down all the time.. still gotta do what i gotta do... did groceries shopping with  my family on saturday... and my sunday was busy with running around too.

i suspect it is because of the new pendant i made :( ut is made of silver + palladium so that it doesn't get rusty when i sweat. the metal that i got earlier was rusty, so that is why i decided to custom made it at habib jewels. to make white gold is costly... about rm1k plus. so i decided to go for something half the price... but... it gives me migraine pulak now...

and sekarang ni auditor yang ada sungguh menyemakkan... argghh....  ok lah... sambung buat apa2 yang patut :(

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