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norms after bonus & increment

this is a normal attitude for most people/employees after bonus &/ increment. they start to compare.. the funny thing is, shouldn't it be p&c at the first place? and do you really know how hard a person works or how hard do you work to receive the bonus/increment that you deserved?
for me personally, i have lower down my expectation for quite some time. I have been here too long to say anything anymore. if there is a better offer - yes - i will go but is that what i want? the answer is i don't know for sure for now. do i want to start all over? i don't think so. so, best is being able to be doing what i enjoy doing for now and for my better future with my family.
what? promotion? naahh... gave up on that too. easier way to look at it - it is rezeki masing2. do what you need to do... the rest leave it up to God.
motivation? i have my team who keeps me motivated most of the time. and of course - alhamdulillah the monthly salary i receive every month. of course giv…

29th March 2014 - Outdoor Zumba Fitness - Come on Bloggers!!!

RM20.00 only per person for a fun zumba fitness 1 hour session! Share this link & post this poster in your blog and you are entitled to get a 10% discount for the session. :) let me know your blog's link in the comment and send me an email upon payment.  Do it NOW... last day of payment and registration is on 25th March 2014 at 5pm.
Theme: Red top or our AKO Fitness tshirt. Venue: Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat (opposite Jelatek LRT Station)
Mari bersenam dan hidup cara sihat bersama AKO FITNESS dan rakan2!

TShirts for SALE RM29 only.  20% off for members of ZIN AKO's zumba fitness class.

bila migraine menimpa

this is really uncomfortable for me. i rarely gets migraine.. but when i get it, it is either i have been having too much to think, or it is near pms.. or the least reason is when i put on accessories. yes, i have this issue... i can only wear gold or i will get migraine. doesn't matter lah if it is a necklace or ear rings etc... so, if i really like some accessories, i will only wear it for a while - only for the event otherwise i will suffer for at least 2 to 3 days :(

so, right now i am having migraine since saturday.. but i can't be lying down all the time.. still gotta do what i gotta do... did groceries shopping with  my family on saturday... and my sunday was busy with running around too.

i suspect it is because of the new pendant i made :( ut is made of silver + palladium so that it doesn't get rusty when i sweat. the metal that i got earlier was rusty, so that is why i decided to custom made it at habib jewels. to make white gold is costly... about rm1k plus. so i …

mh370 where are you?

from the time that we know mh370 went missing, most people gets uneasy.. confused... and whatever you wanna call it. it has been more than 60 hours and somehow i am quite affected by it. i don't know why... my sleep is disturbed. each time i wake up, i will check on my twitter for any updates. where can you be mh370? everyone is waiting for your return home safely. i can only imagine, if they are safe somewhere, could the be enough food for everyone on board? is everyone okay? who would have done this to them? and why?

*sigh* tired of reading people who keep on complaining on how our government is tackling this issue. ingat macam makan kacang putih ke? don't they know how detail it can be? entah la.. mata dah berpinar reading news... nothing new being updated. sad... frustrated...etc etc etc... can you imagine how or what does the family members feel right now? :(

pray for mh370

what's the best investment for your kids?

kenapa joey tanya soalan pelik balik sekolah tadi?
joey: mama ada invest apa2 tak under nama joey atau lisa?
me: ada kenapa?
joey: tak la joey tanya je
me: invest macamana? untuk apa?
joey: nanti kalau joey tak de duit ke..
me: la, kalau tak de duit mintak la dgn mama.
joey: tak la.. nanti kalau dah besar tak dpt kerja ke.
me: joey belajar la rajin2, dpt kerja.
joey: ye la.. mama tak de ke invest beli gold ke apa ke?
me: ada la tapi belum tulis wasiat lagi. apsal joey tanya macam ni?
joey: tak de pa per lah.. tanya je.. bye love you too..
me: *puzzled* ermm bye.. love you. — feeling puzzled.

joey will have all sorts of questions for me at times. and he doesn't talk much.. maybe it's a boy thingy that he doesn't talk that much now with me? :( 
anyway, told hime before he goes to sleep, that my best investment for my kids are their studies, knowledge. no matter how much cash or assets you have, when you use it bit by bit, it will be gone. but if you have knowledge, no one can …