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this keep me awake

by - February 04, 2014

its already 253am on a tuesday and i am supposed to get up at 545am to go to work. but i am not asleep yet. no thanks to the coffee i had at 9pm! it was sedap but the thing is, i cannot sleep now! argghhh. ok i am going to use whats left of the battery on my lappy to blog.

alhamdulillah and thank you for all your support :) the event went well. :) :) we managed to sell 233 tickets and although not all turned up, the hall was full! and with the collection we made after deducting the costs, my mom received rm2300 :) to ease her surgery costs. my heartfull thanks to all crew who helped to make this event a success :) my mom is recovering at home after about 3.5weeks after the surgery. 

and yeahh.. this is my first posting in 2014 :) and i would like to share this beautiful photo with you before my battery dies off ok.. and i should go to sleep :)
and this was not all... some left just before we called out for photo session :) thank you all  :)

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