Tuesday, February 11, 2014

fresher look for 2014

why have i not been blogging? ermmm busy? so is it true that those people who blogs are people 'tak de kerja'?  hehehe :D not really lah... seriously, this year or actually starting from last year i have been so busy.. and this year is busier with lisa gonna take her spm and joey starts to have tuition. my zumba fitness classes are more. alhamdulillah :) i am truly a super mom this year.

gosh.... i am stuck... what do i write now?  o'oh.. have i lost that touch to blog? errmmm... help.. mayday mayday... 

ahh nevermind i will continue later later ok? :) my brain is also working on office stuff... and our very own project... kaiser and i :) insyallah.. semoga Allah permudahkan..

changed my header for a fresher look ..

and owhh... mischa... she is such an angel... i may have said something that i regret last night when i was a bit upset. but hmmm...

i promise, i will write more ok! :*