Monday, December 2, 2013

Entertaining small talk

So caught up with certain things to be done at the office. Demotivated, yes. But I still have other exciting activities coming in my way :) looking forward to it. Yezzaa.. anyway, last weekend lisa had a picnic session with her class mates. So, joey and I went to klcc with her but different reason. I went to blow dry my hair and joey went to kinokuniya.

Usually I just wanna enjoy relax being at the hair salon. Means, don’t really wanna talk .. small talk, whatever especially not answering personal questions. So anyway, as usual the hair dresser will start the small talk. The conversation was in bahasa melayu by the way :p

She: nak pergi mana? Where are you going?
Me: tak de mana. No where
She: *smiled*

She: nak pergi mana ni blow rambut? Where are you going that you wanna blow your hair?

*what? I can’t blow dry my hair for the sake of doing it?*

Me: tak de mana, sajer boring. No where, just bored.
She: where is your boyfriend?
Me: avenue k *and starting to smile coz I know joey will be meeting me at the salon soon*
She: oowhh.. that’s why you wanna blow your hair, you have a date…

*iighhhh sibuknya… suka hati aku lah*

Joey walked in… and we were already talking and he already called me ‘mama’ in our conversation.
She: siapa tu? Adik? Who is that? Your younger brother?

*for heavens sake…!!*

Me:  boyfriend!
She: *laughed* akak mesti kawin muda kan? Kawin umur berapa ek? You must have got married young. How old were you then?
Me: 24
She: oohh.. senang la, sekarang anak dah besar. It’s easy now that your kids are big already.
Me: *smiled*
She: sorang je anak? Only 1 child?
Me: tak, 2 orang. No, I have 2.
She: perempuan? Girl?
Me: yes
She: suami akak orang mana? Where is your husband from?
Me: Germany
She: hmm anak akak ikut akak ye kulit dia.. mesti suami akak saying sangat dengan akak. Your son has your skin color, I am sure your husband loves you very much!

I was already in the mood of… cepat lah settle, aku nak blah… there were more questions that I am so lazy to type now already…