Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 review

if i were to list down all those moments, there were too many to list down... it started off with kaiser getting admitted in pcmc, and i got admitted 5 days later for my procedure. don't wanna call it surgery coz nothing was being cut off except my nerves, on my neck :p which can't be seen anyway. i felt much better after that. you can search for my previous posting on this :p

i proceed with my zumba license and alhamdulillah i have started my zumba fitness class since april 2013 till now :) and i have been getting more and more calls, that sometimes i just have to decline or most of the time, i will refer to my friends who are also zumba instructors. 

i am so glad that i make new friends in zumba family. and my rezeki in zumba fitness has been increasing. i am so happy that i can share the benefit with a lot of ladies out there and i can prove to them that age does not stop you from exercising and have fun at the same time! i always believe that if you are ikhlas in giving your services and sharing your knowledge, rezeki will come continuously, insyaallah. and i also learned that the challenges out there are the same. the same politics going around - dengki mendengki within the circle of people but you know what.. i just move on and i use my own principle that i become a zumba instructor not to be famous, but all because i want to share the knowledge that i have, i make new friends and i just hope that my members enjoy their session with me :))

"I'm not popular, but I have nice family & friends. I'm not rich, but I have what I need. I may not be liked, but I know I'm loved" - borrowed from Adam Corrie

i was also thankful that i get to travel to cebu island for my dive trip with my family :) even with the earthquake threat and typhoon, we went there and came back to malaysia safely, alhamdulillah and we had fun and great experience diving in phillipines.

i enhanced my skills in zumba fitness by attending the proskill training for zumba instructors and insyallah whatever that i learned during the training will help me to be a better instructor. 

we ended 2013 with a new family member whom we named her 'mischa joelis osbahr' and she has added happiness in our family. she is so adorable and sweet and manja etc etc... now everything is about mischa. hehehe :D 
owh before that, we, my sisters and friends are organizing a zumba party on january 19, 2014 at 10am at dewan serbaguna lembah keramat au5. come okay, and join the fun sambil helping us to raise fund for my mom's operation next week. well, i hope with this effort we are not getting the ideas that we cannot afford the operation cost. we want everyone to join the zumba party for the health and fitness side of it :) just that, IF we get some profit, we are going to channel it to the operation cost - which at the moment i am typing this - the number of tickets sold have not covered the cost yet :) but hey... we are still smiling and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to support this event :))
there will be lucky draw and the first 100 registered online will receive a gift from us :)