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2013 review

if i were to list down all those moments, there were too many to list down... it started off with kaiser getting admitted in pcmc, and i got admitted 5 days later for my procedure. don't wanna call it surgery coz nothing was being cut off except my nerves, on my neck :p which can't be seen anyway. i felt much better after that. you can search for my previous posting on this :p
i proceed with my zumba license and alhamdulillah i have started my zumba fitness class since april 2013 till now :) and i have been getting more and more calls, that sometimes i just have to decline or most of the time, i will refer to my friends who are also zumba instructors. 
i am so glad that i make new friends in zumba family. and my rezeki in zumba fitness has been increasing. i am so happy that i can share the benefit with a lot of ladies out there and i can prove to them that age does not stop you from exercising and have fun at the same time! i always believe that if you are ikhlas in giving y…

last friday of 2013

yeahh semua orang tengah sibuk2 dok cakap pasal the last thursday lah.. last friday lah... now it's my turn.. ok.. first in my life, aku sibuk gantung2 bunting in keramat, bukit antarabangsa, setiawangsa & jelatek. just hope that those buntings last long... at least until our event ends :) memang macam kelakar lah kan... and mula2 tu aku malu jugak nak gantung, tapi bila dah masuk bunting ke-dua, aku dah seronok pulak. kaiser sampai berpeluh2 dok terjinjit jinjit nak gantung. kalau ambik upah, mau rm5 satu bunting and minimum 50 bunting.. mak ai.. banyak tuh.. kami punya cuma 8 jer yang kami hang. ada lagi 3 nak safe for the event, nak letak kat dalam dewan. lepas tu ada 3 lagi banner nak pikir mana nak letak. mungkin 1 banner yang kecik boleh letak kat XTreme Hardcore Gym kalau owner bagi kebenaran. ermm entah lah penat nak bebel banyak2, badan tengah banyak angin ni... nak pi urut tak sempat2 lagi... hmmm

jom join zumba party!

siapa yang belum pernah try, this is the time. just remember to have fun... and do it at your own pace, rasa penat, boleh berhenti and rehat... lepas tu join balik... macam2 ada... salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, batucada, chacha.
insyaAllah, there will be lucky draw... and the first 100 registration done online will get their free gift at the door. just look for our crew at the entrance yah.. :) see you there...
you DON'T wanna miss this exciting event in 2014!!

more about zumba party :)

what is a 90 minutes zumba party? it's zumba fitness which will be lead by 4 licensed zumba fitness instructor and the duration of the whole event is 90 minutes.
is it always that long? no, sometimes, a zumba party can be 2 hours etc... depending on the organizer. :) 
what is the difference between zumba party & normal zumba fitness class?  in a class, some instructors will show the steps before you start with a new choreographed song, (well, i do that in my class) but at a zumba party, you will just follow the steps shown on stage.
do we have to continue till 90 minutes without rest? no, you don't have to. do it at your own pace. we want you to have fun during the party. stop for a drink if you want or if you feel you needed to rest :) 
what should we wear? wear sports attire..or zumba wear if you have them.. no... you don't need to go shopping for clothes for this event :p .please wear sports shoes :) remember to bring your face towel and water! 
i cannot dance, and i am …


ye hari ni adalah hari penat sedunia.. penat dengan kerenah2 orang.. dan aku yang jarang2 nak marah dengan anak2 buah, hari ni dah lepas... bukan apa, kalau aku dah bagitau banyak kali tapi masih buat.. mana tak hangin? ok anyway, aku pun bengang jugak dengan customer tu yang banyak songeh.. so, by tomorrow, kena settle jugak issue ni. 
hari ni some how aku terasa yang aku dah letih jugak pasal nak promote event ni. dulu sebelum aku terjun ke bidang ni, aku tak sangka pulak akan ada cabaran macam ni.. tapi tak apa lah aku orang baru belajar. memang aku orang baru... jadi aku tak boleh nak expect macam2... 
i am very thankful to my new friends in zumba family, namely john, riena & yang jauh nun di kuantan - lyn. diorang so far sanggup bersama2 aku untuk menjayakan event ni... i guess i should keep my expectation low. and also to my darling kaiser yang sentiasa support my effort in fitness, and promoting to the matsalleh2... hehehe :D thank you sayang...
sekarang aku nak kira bali…

my mom's pre surgery

ok here's the progress. i was talking to my mom yesterday and she decided to have her surgery in hukm. N1 asked our aunt, my mom's eldest sister who has gone through the surgery before. it is going to be like 3 weeks in the hospital after the surgery.. and after that she can come home. so, now, after surgery my mom will be resting at home, and her 3 sons in law will carry her upstairs. she will still need to do some physiotherapy after that.
hopefully the fund that we are raising will help to ease the expenses.. for now, it has slowed down... i am still asking for my friends' help to promote to sell more tickets. really hope sales will be picking up. 
to know more about why my mom needs to go for operation, you can read this link.   Cartilage Damage. 
you know, by doing this fund raising thing, some may think if we cannot afford the surgery. ermmm we can, just that by having this event, it will help for the expenses... and we will do it for our mom's sake. everybody has th…

excellent weekend

wow... right now i can feel my legs are aching.. my arms... my knee... ankle... everything... hahaha :D but... i am happy... felt so fulfilled.. and satisfied. saturday morning had my zumba fitness session and lisa joined me as usual :) and that late afternoon, kaiser, joey and i went to the gym. and.. i cooked for dinner :) yey... hehehe :D ahhh so much things to share and so little time... sekarang pun curi2 masa nak blogging... 
yesterday went to my nephew's wedding reception... love my waze so much.. hehehe :D and at 5pm we played tennis... perghhh gils babs... mula2 tu malu jugak tengok kaiser and his friends mcm power je main... and the couple's son, marcus.. dahsyat tuhh... i was thinking, 'boleh ke aku pukui bola tennis tu?'... and guess what? i had fun... we all did!
and lisa was in her masterchef mood this weekend :) best best :D hehehe she made breakfast and dinner for last night... sedapnya... tapi masih lapar... hehhe ended up kaiser and i went out for su…

Confirmed! Zumba Fitness Party 19th January 2014

so, the place is confirmed to be at Dewan Serbaguna Lembah Keramat AU5 and time is from 10.30am to 12.00noon. please come at 10.00am for registration.
tickets are ready for sale. RM20 only per person for early birds, RM25 at the door.

the blur moment

feeling a bit headache right now. missed putting on my retainer for 3 days and i got kinda scared that my teeth will go back to its position. so, i put it on at the office, and it has tighten. i supposed my teeth did moved? :o errrkkk... so peeps... do not forget to put on your retainer. otherwise your rm5,500 spent on braces will go to waste!
anyway, i had a good productive day today. alhamdulillah i sort of got a fitness attire sponsor - and perhaps i will wear them also during the event in January 2014. come on... have you guys bought the ticket yet?? :D buy la... come la... and support this event.
hmmm yeah i have not been telling you stories about other stuff other than zumba stuff right? reason being is, i gotta get this thing running... honestly speaking, i am definitely not one of those instructors who are outgoing and mix with lots of other zumba enthusiast. i am more of the low profile instructors. i teach because there are people out there who wishes to get a heathier lif…

Entertaining small talk

So caught up with certain things to be done at the office. Demotivated, yes. But I still have other exciting activities coming in my way :) looking forward to it. Yezzaa.. anyway, last weekend lisa had a picnic session with her class mates. So, joey and I went to klcc with her but different reason. I went to blow dry my hair and joey went to kinokuniya.
Usually I just wanna enjoy relax being at the hair salon. Means, don’t really wanna talk .. small talk, whatever especially not answering personal questions. So anyway, as usual the hair dresser will start the small talk. The conversation was in bahasa melayu by the way :p
She: nak pergi mana? Where are you going? Me: tak de mana. No where She: *smiled*
She: nak pergi mana ni blow rambut? Where are you going that you wanna blow your hair?
*what? I can’t blow dry my hair for the sake of doing it?*
Me: tak de mana, sajer boring. No where, just bored. She: where is your boyfriend? Me: avenue k *and starting to smile coz I know joey will…