Wednesday, November 20, 2013

let's do it out of love

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okay.. hear yeee.. i wanted to post something else but since last night my brain has been working. and i am super excited and i pray hard that our (N2, N3 & N4) effort will work insyaallah. 

my mom has been having knee pain until a few months back she had to stay upstairs at her home... kaiser once did physiotherapy on her, it was okay for awhile but the pain keeps on coming back. so, last week she told me that her heart specialist told her to go and check with the bone specialist. (layman's term lah). and the x-ray result showed that she must do an operation. the cost is high when i got to know about it from N3 who brought my mom to the hospital.

so, i was thinking of a zumba fitness session since that is what i can do to help raise some fund to assist in our mom's knee operation. yeup.. that's what we are going to do. so, if any of you wants to know why... that is the reason. :) and by doing so, i am also helping the public out there who wants to do some exercises and have fun at the same time! 

i will get some help from various people to get this mission done. insyallah... i have faith in this. by the way, please visit my FB Page called, ZIN AKO - Ain Kalam Osbahr to know updates ok :)

Note: Had a meeting with my sisters a day after i posted this on my fb page and also in my blog. And the result was, they have agreed not to declare our mom's name in public. hence i took out my mom's name from the promotion stuff. nevertheless, this event is still build on charity cause. :)