Sunday, November 10, 2013

great 11 days off from the office

oh man... thank you to those who visited my blog during my time away overseas :) so sorry... i thought i would have the time to blog when i was in Philippines but unfortunately not.. i had time for insta and fb because i don't write long stories :)) i will update my experience diving in Philippines, okay :) i promise.. and i will write about the resort we stayed... marcosas resort in moalboal... hahaha the funny thing was i thought moalboal was an island.. it was actually a village in cebu island errmmm about 2 hours drive from cebu airport... ehhh save it for the real posting lah... hahahah :D 

anyway... we were back earlier than we were supposed to because lisa has her final exam on the 6th... so, yeah i was on leave from the office but my zumba fitness class started the next day. luckily there is no time difference between manila and kl.. so, no jet lag... although it was actually maybe 1 hour different. so... ermmm gotta sleep now okay...

again, thank you so much for coming and so sorry for no updates.... muuahhh.. :))