Tuesday, October 1, 2013

feeling froggy!

yeahhh!!! i am feeling good this morning... i don't know why... hahaah :D maybe because my zumba fitness class is getting more and more participants!? heeee... i really enjoy teaching zumba fitness. for those who have not tried zumba fitness, you can try my class. ahaks... promote terus..gitu... and don't worry as my class is more of a laid back type. hehehe :D i like it when all my participants/students/trainees or whatever you wish to call it, can follow to the music and steps. i do not do complicated steps because i want people to be able to follow. then, they will enjoy themselves. and i do change the steps in between, when i feel like it... hahahah :D so, just do not be surprised if suddenly the steps are different from last week yeah... :)
i had a wonderful group of ladies last saturday. although the studio is cute. ie small, that did not stop us from having fun! so, yeah... let's get moving... and zumba fitness class is not a place to be shy... just let go... ;)


adzairdawati makdara said...

wahhh bestnya kalau mak dara dpt join sekali