Sunday, October 13, 2013

busy busy time for me

eversince i have started teaching zumba fitness, time has been jealous of me. i am so sorry dear readers :) you know i love you all.... muaaahhhh... ok let's update each other on what has been happening around. yeahh okay... i have started to teach after office hour... hence my time is occupied and after class i will be rushing home to have dinner with my joelis :) to tell the truth, i have only started my weight trainings again last weekend after neglecting it for about 2 weeks. 

and 2 weekends ago, my friend who is also a zumba fitness instructor invited me for a photoshoot :) really had fun.. and i was accompanied by lisa :) it was a good photoshoot session and after this i will be using my own photos for the marketing flyers... yey!! :) 
and owh... will be writing soon, a review on a new chinese muslim restaurant ok... so stay tuned ya'll!