Wednesday, October 16, 2013

adam lai restaurant - my personal review

yeup... i have been relaxing... sleeping a lot... errmmm eating... BUT i still go to the gym for my weights training.. heee :D this year sampai 2 kali celebrate birthday N3 tau! ada pre birthday dinner lagi... semua gara2 sebab nak jugak pergi makan kat luar to celebrate birthdays. ye lah.. every day dah makan kat rumah sendiri... special occasion kan, kena la makan kat luar.. hahaha :D but today's posting i wanna mix lah... last night's dinner and our visit to adam lai restaurant in wangsa melawati.
  • date of visit: 14th Oct, 2013
  • location: adam lai chinese muslim restaurant, wangsa melawati
  • place & decor: simple and nice, but according to kaiser, it's not cosy, and they should have put table cloth.(and N4's comment too).
  • cleanliness: 9 out of 10. 
  • restaurant service: efficient, the crew were friendly and efficient.
  • food: food was yummy... it meets my expectation... 
  • price: we are okay with the price :) bill came up to RM412 i think for 15 pax.. not bad at all. 
next time i wanna try the salted egg crab.. we have tried the salted egg prawn.. it was crispy and yummy... we ordered twice!
would i visit the place again? definitely, insyaallah... just nearby our house. :p

and last night we celebrated again because N3 wants to eat western pulak.. the chinese food was my suggestion to eat out.. hehehe :D since it was my school mate's bro-in-law's restaurant, we were there to give our support! yeahhh the food was yummehhh...

okay, here goes, last night's pictures... enjoy aahhh
errmmm somehow my bluetooth wasn't working, i will add more photos of last night when it works ok :) stay tuned!


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