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it'll be a great trip

eh i am not supposed to be blogging... i am supposed to help print my mom's stalls/cafe's menu.. hehehe :D it's gonna be short one, promise :) it's already late.. 1115pm now. i had a good weekend although had to suffer a bit for sore throat, started coughing a lil bit and to make it more challenging - menstrual cramps...*sigh* but it's ok lah... terhapus dosa2 kecil kan... mudah2an. 
anyway, my trip planning this time is really mencabar minda and kesabaran. but alhamdulillah to cut it short we will still be going.. but i cut short the trip from 7 days to 5 days.. so that everyone is happy. i am happy i can dive, lisa can take her exam, joey can enjoy his holiday and kaiser will not lose his investment and his off day cut short by 2 days.. he can go straight to work the next day.. yeahh!
yeup... that's it blogging for this week...

it's just too tiring

sometimes you try so hard to make other people happy. you make plans for everyone. just so that everyone will have that quality time together. and in the end, did that someone or those people appreciate what you do for them? if we do things for people, we can get frustrated... but if we do it for Allah and as part of our ibadah, we will not feel that way. *sigh* okay, i shall change my perspective of certain things then.
so now, this is about my dive trip that is scheduled soon. all i wanted to do is to have a trip together as a family. do i really wanna go for that dive trip?? NO, if any of my family members said something about it. but don't come and tell me now, when everything has been arranged that you don't really wanna go because you don't like the country... well, i don't like the country too because my sister is married to an idiot from that country.. but does it matter? what matters is we will be together for a holiday... that is all... so i am so sad if you…

promoting Zumba Fitness

hahaha... promoting my weekly zumba fitness class, again :) hehehe it's always zumba in my head right now... right left... front back.. LOL :D and yesterday i was at my parents' house.. finally i remembered to ask my dad if he still has the waist speaker that comes with a mic... and waallaaaa... love you dad!!! :* it may be old style.. but at least i have got one that i can use first for this wednesday's class! i am so excited...!! yey!! yesterday i was testing it and jump and and down with it, a lil bit weight on my waist, but it's ok lah...:)
for those who wants to try zumba fitness, do come to X'Treme Hardcore Gym, No.8-2, Jalan Dataran Wangsa Melawati, Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur at 9.15am, this Saturday 26th Oct, 2013!! Let's sweat it out ladies!! and yeah, this session is only for ladies!!

bosan dengan gelagat certain artis

offlate ni aku bosan dengan gelagat2 artis... dah naik meluat dengan cerita2 yang pada aku errmmm memperbodoh2kan the public or maybe they are the ones who should learn more. aku bosan dengan artis2 yang berbohong.. suka benor nak menafikan perkara2 yang benar2 terjadi.. belakang, kemudian buat press conference...aleh2 announce benda yang dinafikan tu sebenarnya betul. busdus ke haper???? minggu ni dah la minggu aku hangin kan... the latest was about the couple yang dah kawin, dah ada anak deny that they are married and have a baby... tak sampai sebulan, admit pulak.. pastu bagi alasan yang tak masuk akal. macam budak2 hingusan.. agak2 nak nikah just to have sex ke? kaiser selalu cakap macam tu.. which to me, memang tajam lah kata2 tu... but come one lah.. why the need to nikah dua kali?? ko tak confident dengan the 1st nikah ke? if you are not confident with the 1st nikah, so, your actions as husband and wife dalam waktu tu, ko tak tanya diri sendiri? i dont want la nak accuse apa2,…

anxiety & panic attack?

what is it all about? entah... i didn't know at first... it just happened.. or shall i say, it just appeared in my daily life. i have this weird of feeling of being afraid to be on a bus ride. and i will get the panic attack. i will start to sweat, cannot breathe, my heart pumps very2 fast, i feel like going to the toilet etc etc...  so one day as i was talking to someone i know, he asked me to track back when i started to experienced this because i was a strong and brave person. i was 'the boy' in my family :p so, the answer was right after i went through my divorce way back in 2005. yeup... that was when i started to have this not nice feeling. anyway i hope by now, i am getting better... i am okay to be on a bus to lcct from klsentral! yey :D
yeup... i have tried to be strong for my kids for quite a long time. but somehow, for now, i let go. joey is acting like a teenager... well he is lah kan... i am having a tough time now even talking to him. it is the phase, i supp…

adam lai restaurant - my personal review

yeup... i have been relaxing... sleeping a lot... errmmm eating... BUT i still go to the gym for my weights training.. heee :D this year sampai 2 kali celebrate birthday N3 tau! ada pre birthday dinner lagi... semua gara2 sebab nak jugak pergi makan kat luar to celebrate birthdays. ye lah.. every day dah makan kat rumah sendiri... special occasion kan, kena la makan kat luar.. hahaha :D but today's posting i wanna mix lah... last night's dinner and our visit to adam lai restaurant in wangsa melawati. date of visit: 14th Oct, 2013location: adam lai chinese muslim restaurant, wangsa melawatiplace & decor: simple and nice, but according to kaiser, it's not cosy, and they should have put table cloth.(and N4's comment too).cleanliness: 9 out of 10. restaurant service: efficient, the crew were friendly and food was yummy... it meets my expectation... price: we are okay with the price :) bill came up to RM412 i think for 15 pax.. not bad at all.  next tim…

busy busy time for me

eversince i have started teaching zumba fitness, time has been jealous of me. i am so sorry dear readers :) you know i love you all.... muaaahhhh... ok let's update each other on what has been happening around. yeahh okay... i have started to teach after office hour... hence my time is occupied and after class i will be rushing home to have dinner with my joelis :) to tell the truth, i have only started my weight trainings again last weekend after neglecting it for about 2 weeks. 
and 2 weekends ago, my friend who is also a zumba fitness instructor invited me for a photoshoot :) really had fun.. and i was accompanied by lisa :) it was a good photoshoot session and after this i will be using my own photos for the marketing flyers... yey!! :)  and owh... will be writing soon, a review on a new chinese muslim restaurant ok... so stay tuned ya'll!

feeling froggy!

yeahhh!!! i am feeling good this morning... i don't know why... hahaah :D maybe because my zumba fitness class is getting more and more participants!? heeee... i really enjoy teaching zumba fitness. for those who have not tried zumba fitness, you can try my class. ahaks... promote terus..gitu... and don't worry as my class is more of a laid back type. hehehe :D i like it when all my participants/students/trainees or whatever you wish to call it, can follow to the music and steps. i do not do complicated steps because i want people to be able to follow. then, they will enjoy themselves. and i do change the steps in between, when i feel like it... hahahah :D so, just do not be surprised if suddenly the steps are different from last week yeah... :) i had a wonderful group of ladies last saturday. although the studio is cute. ie small, that did not stop us from having fun! so, yeah... let's get moving... and zumba fitness class is not a place to be shy... just let go... ;) p…