where is it?

i have lost that satisfaction. i am grateful with what i have, alhamdulillah. but somehow i feel that i need more. is it challenge? is it a fresh environment? or is it just me looking for something new and different? i am happy here but why am i feeling bored? i know what i needed to do. i have been searching but somehow like lisa said, "ala ma, although you are looking but somehow deep inside you still love working there" and i agree with what she said. maybe what makes me stay is the comfort working here, pay - alhamdulillah, benefits - alhamdulillah.. but if given a chance, yeah, i want a better paid job. kids are growing up fast and their needs are getting higher. hence, yeah.. that is why... but i am also choosy. where can i get a better paid job but at the same time i can be with my kids more? if you ask me.. or my hip hop instructor once said to me, that i should be a dance instructor... hehehe :D ssshhh he doesn't know that i have started teaching. and his comment was, "you should be an instructor you know...*smile* unless you don't need the money" heh heh... if i say i don't need, i may sound arrogant... but a better way of saying it, "who wouldn't want extra pocket money, right?" :) so... i am still searching for that better paid job ;)


pha is said…
good luck for ur searching...
Ein said…
thank you pha is :)

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