Monday, September 9, 2013

weekend blabber

it was a tiring weekend. my cousin got married.. since we have been waiting for him to get married, and finally when he decides to, most of us chipped in to assist in his wedding preparation :) alhamdulillah everything went well although there is a bit of glitches. normal lah kan, otherwise, tak de controversy, tak best pulak.. hehehe :D when my uncle came to my parents' house the next day... and thanked all of us, i said, 'my pleasure - and i did it for andy' :) that day, by the time i got home it was already 6pm i think, after sending joey to his friend's house for open house.. raya dah abis daaaa.. pun ada open house lagi.. and guess what... i got up at 9pm.. and lisa asked what's for dinner, kesian dia... and joey pulak, tak ingat nak balik kan.. sibuk nak sleep over.. in the end, i got up, cepat2 shower, kasi fresh... went out with lisa to fetch joey and we had late dinner... at pha pha garden, taman melawati.. and tak sedap hokeh... tak yah review lah boring jer.. :p
 top left: me and my cuz, Budi... it was great working with him as Floor Managers :D :p
the Kalam Clan without my hubby... as usual, biz comes first heh heh :D