Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - my personal review

at first i was dragging myself to go to the cinema. i am so not a movie person. its too cold, and the seats are not comfy. yea yea.. ihave said this before in my previous movies' postings.. but yesterday, joelis and i went anyway... i just cannot stand lisa's whining wanting to watch the movie. and i supposed, the advertising is really good. and since i told lisa we can watch after her exam, guess what... she started bugging me on her last day of exam! arrgghh bingit sihh :p 

so yesterday she asked again.. i said, kaiser wouldnt like it if they sleep late on a school night. but.. hmm okay, i gave them conditions, homework must be done by 7pm and settle their bags and school uniforms as well. and since its all done... we went off to watch it...  i forgot what was the movie about..heheh i wasnt paying attention before we left..  didnt know what to expect. lisa was excited - of course! she has the collections of books on city of bones!
it was a good movie, i must say. full of actions.. it was really really good! and i dont know how else to say about the movie. and maybe because i dont read the books, i think i enjoyed the movie more than lisa because i dont know what to expect. according to lisa, the movie did not really follow the book's story line... but.. what the heck, it was still good to me!

the only set back was when they did a close up on the guys' faces when they wanted to change into werewolves, the fangs looked really fake and plastic.. hehe... other than that it is a beautiful and good movie to watch.. not for young kids though.. 13 and above should be ok... although joey slept with his room lights on because he was afraid during one scene when a lil girl changed into an ugly vampire like.. with the eyes rolled up!

and owhh... all the actors are way too skinny... hahaha :D and no liking the gay parts.. although i find it funny too.. ehheeh :D

i highly recommend this movie :D go go go!! enjoy some of the scenes :)
the scene when joey & lisa closed their eyes! hahahaha :D