Thursday, September 12, 2013

that call from astro

i think i have been receiving calls from astro almost on a daily basis. everyday there will be different promotions they would tell you/me. or sometimes when it is about the bill, i would just give them my mom's phone number. why am i getting the calls? because i made the call to astro some time ago regarding my mom's astro account actually. 

so anyway, this morning it was about astro-on-the-go promotion. i told the customer service lady that my mom wouldn't benefit from that promo since she uses a blackberry and the tab that i let her use, she is not using it fully anyway. so, as a cs agent, this lady told me that i can use the astro-on-the-go on my smartphone, or ipad or android etc etc... i find it interesting at first, until she told me, the FREE offer is only for 1 month and the following month is chargeable which is expected. being in customer service for more than 15 years made me a very detailed person in accepting any services or offers. so i asked her:

me: so, you are saying that on the 2nd month if i want to cancel the FREE service, i need to call you to cancel?
csa: yes maam, or we will assume that you want to continue the service.
me: shouldn't you assume that the customer is not interested? because most of the time, a customer will have no time to call or they will forget to call and somehow they will be charged in their bill?
csa: well, maam, if you want me to call you to ask again, i can call you again. 

this is the part where she really wants to get a customer to register for this service. but i know, how many customer service agent would remember to call their customers? she somehow continued with this phrase...

csa: but we do have many customers, but i will try to call and ask again after one month.
me: i understand astro has many customers, and i don't think i can trust the csa to call all customers to remind, right?
csa: yes, maam.
me: it is ok, i will not take that offer - thank you for calling anyway.
csa: oh..ok maam.. thank you and you have a nice day.

hemmm... although.. i would love to try astro-on-the-go...