Sunday, September 29, 2013

oh my puffy eyes...

i have been getting this for a few days... and i thought...'must be going with the age thingy...' hehehe :D demmm... the puffy eyes... and just when i was seated quietly, somehow i remembered what went wrong... i have not been drinking water... not enough.. i had only like 2 glasses??? ermmm and i sweat a lot when i teach my zumba fitness class. ahhhh so, that is why... and i get lisa's help to google for me as well... so, ok lah... i just need to drink more water... if you wanna know more, please check this page,

ok i did not take a picture of my puffy eyes because it has lessen now.. perhaps when i get home tonight, i can try and put the cold stuff on my eyes for more treatment at home.
 more or less it looks like this :/