Friday, September 6, 2013

continuously looking for that light in Islam

when you read this, do focus on those positive changes that i am doing in my journey of continuously looking for that light in Islam. being born a Muslim can sometimes made a person take things for granted. every one on earth has its own way in searching for the light of Islam. and their journey is different. and how they do it is different too. in my journey, i believe Allah has given me the task in or thru my jodoh with Kaiser. i learn more about Islam when i married him... i needed answers...for all his questions and his doubts. and not to forget there are people out there who thinks they have all the answers.. who thinks they are better than the rest, especially those who covers. i have started to become skeptical about these people. i have talked to a few others who doesn't cover their heads but they have more knowledge in Islam. and no, i am not giving an excuse to myself because i do not cover my head. i plan to, insyaallah but i wish to cleanse my inner self prior to that.

i was at masjid wilayah, jalan duta yesterday with joelis and many others. it was a fun talk by ustaz nouman ali khan. i love his approach in dakwah. he makes it easy for people to listen - he makes people understand the beauty of Islam, he makes me want to learn more about the Quran and content. i want to be able to understand more.. 
ustaz nouman taught yesterday on conveying message... there are 3 things to remember:
  • content - what are the content of the message that you want to convey
  • style - your style of passing those messages... in short, make it interesting :) and use beautiful and positive words
  • audience - who are your audience... different people, different approach. eg, the way you speak / invite your parent and your kids are different, right? :) 
many people who doesn't know the quran thought that quran is all about those haram things that you cannot do in Islam, when actually there are more than that. there are beautiful things the quran conveys. quran is words from Allah to guide us in this world. 

you don't have to rush to get to know everything. take your time, as long as you have started somewhere. it is never too late or too old to learn :) i want to learn more about the content in the quran. :) insyaallah...  and i pray that one fine day kaiser will too... hidayah itu hanya milik Allah and He choose to whom He wants to give it to

i am done with people who think they know what is best for me and my husband. i am done with people who judges my husband. and you know what... only Allah matters. if you have the time to think of all the things that kaiser or i have not done as a 'perfect' muslim, means you have too much time to spare to look for other people's weaknesses.. you should focus on the +ve things in people.. :) look for the beautiful things that people do. you should also focus on your own path / journey in Islam... :) 

and this is my beautiful family that Allah has given me, whom i love... 


Suzainur KAR said...

There's a school of thought that says a good Muslim is beyond 5 daily and fasting and veils. It's about being a good human being who do good to and for others.

So, let Allah judge who is the real good Muslim. Because none of us can claim to be one, not really.