Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awesome Zumba Fitness class!

yes... yes... i know... have not been updating my blog. been so busy... last weekend was my first weekend zumba fitness class. yeup.. i am enjoying this... getting the public to start to do something about themselves. start to exercise and the best part is when you don't even realize you are exercising when you are too busy shaking your body to the music :D hahaha :D

just one thing i wish i can change people's mindset... so what if you are a plus size? just come and join the class... if you want to improve yourself. do not be shy or care about what other people say. most important thing is you are happy with the moves :))

we had a huge turn out yesterday at an office in klsentral. omg... it was so cool!! minimum i think there were 48 people attending my zumba fitness class... cool ehh?? :D :D it was so much fun!! i hope to have the same people next week and more!! alhamdulillah.. 

i wanna write more but too tired.. hehehe... nak balik lepak.. nak settle my zumba fitness class registration lagi... key in all their names :D :D