Sunday, September 29, 2013

oh my puffy eyes...

i have been getting this for a few days... and i thought...'must be going with the age thingy...' hehehe :D demmm... the puffy eyes... and just when i was seated quietly, somehow i remembered what went wrong... i have not been drinking water... not enough.. i had only like 2 glasses??? ermmm and i sweat a lot when i teach my zumba fitness class. ahhhh so, that is why... and i get lisa's help to google for me as well... so, ok lah... i just need to drink more water... if you wanna know more, please check this page,

ok i did not take a picture of my puffy eyes because it has lessen now.. perhaps when i get home tonight, i can try and put the cold stuff on my eyes for more treatment at home.
 more or less it looks like this :/

Friday, September 27, 2013

macam2 hal

aku dah tak larat nak baca macam2 berita kat sana sini.. yang upload kat fb lah... kat youtube lah... ngata sana ngata sini. kadang2 ingat kut artis jer yang kena ngata kan.. sebenarnya yang common people pun kena jugak.. lelagi kalau yang kena tu dari orang2 yang kita sangkakan kawan kita. bukan baru kenal semalam, tapi dah bertahun and we grow up with these people. hmmm entah lah, aku pun dah pernah kena and sehingga hari ini aku tak dapat nak terima dia seperti asal. dan aku berkawan dengan dia pun for the sake of since we have been friends since childhood. kalau atas nama aku akan go all out to help... ermm minta maaf lah, terus terang aku kata aku tak sudi. memang kalau kitorang jumpa dok hug hug la jugak... kerna terpaksa.. hahha :D ada aku kisah? :p
yang menarik pada aku lately is berita pasal adam af kawin dengan fiza elite :) penuh kesederhanaan dan tiada gembar gembur sebelum tu... hehehe kawin ibu tunggal besar pahalanya.. eh macam sama lah dengan kaiser kan.. dia kawin dengan aku masa aku ibu tunggal per :p ahakss... ada jugak artis yang tak sudah2 orang citer pasal dia nak kawin dengan bujang.. boring dah... 

and owh, aku salute dengan salah sorang artis yang aku suka and follow instagram dia. aku suka sangat tengok dia dengan anak perempuan dia.. memang it never failed to make me smile. aku suka masa dia tweet last week kut pasal certain bloggers. coz i have the same thought too. macamana certain bloggers boleh aman or rasa tenang dengan duit hasil cerita keburukan orang lain ie from gossips... memang la naik tinggi rating dia and ramai followers but making money from that? hmmm i wouldn't want to do that rasanya.

hemmm ok lah, aku nak balik, penat dah... hari ni satu hari ber-meeting. esok ada kelas pagi ajar zumba fitness :D kalau you all nak join, sila lah email atau wassap atau sms ye... jangan segan2..

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awesome Zumba Fitness class!

yes... yes... i know... have not been updating my blog. been so busy... last weekend was my first weekend zumba fitness class. yeup.. i am enjoying this... getting the public to start to do something about themselves. start to exercise and the best part is when you don't even realize you are exercising when you are too busy shaking your body to the music :D hahaha :D

just one thing i wish i can change people's mindset... so what if you are a plus size? just come and join the class... if you want to improve yourself. do not be shy or care about what other people say. most important thing is you are happy with the moves :))

we had a huge turn out yesterday at an office in klsentral. omg... it was so cool!! minimum i think there were 48 people attending my zumba fitness class... cool ehh?? :D :D it was so much fun!! i hope to have the same people next week and more!! alhamdulillah.. 

i wanna write more but too tired.. hehehe... nak balik lepak.. nak settle my zumba fitness class registration lagi... key in all their names :D :D

Thursday, September 19, 2013

let's get fit - let's join zumba fitness!

21st September, 2013 (Saturday)
9.30am - 10.30am
X'TreMe HardCore GyM , No. 8-2 Jalan Dataran Wangsa Melawati, Dataran Wangsa Melawati, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
On top of Chef Zubir's Restaurant. 

Early Bird: RM15 per person by 20th Sept, 2013
At the Door/Walk In: RM20 per person on 21st Sept, 2013

Gym Entry RM5 per person (non-member)
For now it's ladies only :)

Please email me if you are interested, place is limited (about 10 - 15 pax). First come (paid) first served.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

that call from astro

i think i have been receiving calls from astro almost on a daily basis. everyday there will be different promotions they would tell you/me. or sometimes when it is about the bill, i would just give them my mom's phone number. why am i getting the calls? because i made the call to astro some time ago regarding my mom's astro account actually. 

so anyway, this morning it was about astro-on-the-go promotion. i told the customer service lady that my mom wouldn't benefit from that promo since she uses a blackberry and the tab that i let her use, she is not using it fully anyway. so, as a cs agent, this lady told me that i can use the astro-on-the-go on my smartphone, or ipad or android etc etc... i find it interesting at first, until she told me, the FREE offer is only for 1 month and the following month is chargeable which is expected. being in customer service for more than 15 years made me a very detailed person in accepting any services or offers. so i asked her:

me: so, you are saying that on the 2nd month if i want to cancel the FREE service, i need to call you to cancel?
csa: yes maam, or we will assume that you want to continue the service.
me: shouldn't you assume that the customer is not interested? because most of the time, a customer will have no time to call or they will forget to call and somehow they will be charged in their bill?
csa: well, maam, if you want me to call you to ask again, i can call you again. 

this is the part where she really wants to get a customer to register for this service. but i know, how many customer service agent would remember to call their customers? she somehow continued with this phrase...

csa: but we do have many customers, but i will try to call and ask again after one month.
me: i understand astro has many customers, and i don't think i can trust the csa to call all customers to remind, right?
csa: yes, maam.
me: it is ok, i will not take that offer - thank you for calling anyway.
csa: oh..ok maam.. thank you and you have a nice day.

hemmm... although.. i would love to try astro-on-the-go...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

where is it?

i have lost that satisfaction. i am grateful with what i have, alhamdulillah. but somehow i feel that i need more. is it challenge? is it a fresh environment? or is it just me looking for something new and different? i am happy here but why am i feeling bored? i know what i needed to do. i have been searching but somehow like lisa said, "ala ma, although you are looking but somehow deep inside you still love working there" and i agree with what she said. maybe what makes me stay is the comfort working here, pay - alhamdulillah, benefits - alhamdulillah.. but if given a chance, yeah, i want a better paid job. kids are growing up fast and their needs are getting higher. hence, yeah.. that is why... but i am also choosy. where can i get a better paid job but at the same time i can be with my kids more? if you ask me.. or my hip hop instructor once said to me, that i should be a dance instructor... hehehe :D ssshhh he doesn't know that i have started teaching. and his comment was, "you should be an instructor you know...*smile* unless you don't need the money" heh heh... if i say i don't need, i may sound arrogant... but a better way of saying it, "who wouldn't want extra pocket money, right?" :) so... i am still searching for that better paid job ;)

Monday, September 9, 2013

weekend blabber

it was a tiring weekend. my cousin got married.. since we have been waiting for him to get married, and finally when he decides to, most of us chipped in to assist in his wedding preparation :) alhamdulillah everything went well although there is a bit of glitches. normal lah kan, otherwise, tak de controversy, tak best pulak.. hehehe :D when my uncle came to my parents' house the next day... and thanked all of us, i said, 'my pleasure - and i did it for andy' :) that day, by the time i got home it was already 6pm i think, after sending joey to his friend's house for open house.. raya dah abis daaaa.. pun ada open house lagi.. and guess what... i got up at 9pm.. and lisa asked what's for dinner, kesian dia... and joey pulak, tak ingat nak balik kan.. sibuk nak sleep over.. in the end, i got up, cepat2 shower, kasi fresh... went out with lisa to fetch joey and we had late dinner... at pha pha garden, taman melawati.. and tak sedap hokeh... tak yah review lah boring jer.. :p
 top left: me and my cuz, Budi... it was great working with him as Floor Managers :D :p
the Kalam Clan without my hubby... as usual, biz comes first heh heh :D

Saturday, September 7, 2013

nouman ali khan - pwtc 6th sept 2013

alhamdulillah i had the chance to meet / listen to Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan again on Friday, 6th September at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. Better sound system than the one at Masjid Wilayah the day before. I should have brought my dslr and record the whole talk :) these are the only parts that i managed to record before my phone went out of memory space :(

This time, it is about the Quran - The Final Miracle - and answering queries about the existence of the Quran. i love the talk and i understand more of the beauty of the Quran. some.. although little information about the makes me want to learn more, insyaAllah.. i will. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

continuously looking for that light in Islam

when you read this, do focus on those positive changes that i am doing in my journey of continuously looking for that light in Islam. being born a Muslim can sometimes made a person take things for granted. every one on earth has its own way in searching for the light of Islam. and their journey is different. and how they do it is different too. in my journey, i believe Allah has given me the task in or thru my jodoh with Kaiser. i learn more about Islam when i married him... i needed answers...for all his questions and his doubts. and not to forget there are people out there who thinks they have all the answers.. who thinks they are better than the rest, especially those who covers. i have started to become skeptical about these people. i have talked to a few others who doesn't cover their heads but they have more knowledge in Islam. and no, i am not giving an excuse to myself because i do not cover my head. i plan to, insyaallah but i wish to cleanse my inner self prior to that.

i was at masjid wilayah, jalan duta yesterday with joelis and many others. it was a fun talk by ustaz nouman ali khan. i love his approach in dakwah. he makes it easy for people to listen - he makes people understand the beauty of Islam, he makes me want to learn more about the Quran and content. i want to be able to understand more.. 
ustaz nouman taught yesterday on conveying message... there are 3 things to remember:
  • content - what are the content of the message that you want to convey
  • style - your style of passing those messages... in short, make it interesting :) and use beautiful and positive words
  • audience - who are your audience... different people, different approach. eg, the way you speak / invite your parent and your kids are different, right? :) 
many people who doesn't know the quran thought that quran is all about those haram things that you cannot do in Islam, when actually there are more than that. there are beautiful things the quran conveys. quran is words from Allah to guide us in this world. 

you don't have to rush to get to know everything. take your time, as long as you have started somewhere. it is never too late or too old to learn :) i want to learn more about the content in the quran. :) insyaallah...  and i pray that one fine day kaiser will too... hidayah itu hanya milik Allah and He choose to whom He wants to give it to

i am done with people who think they know what is best for me and my husband. i am done with people who judges my husband. and you know what... only Allah matters. if you have the time to think of all the things that kaiser or i have not done as a 'perfect' muslim, means you have too much time to spare to look for other people's weaknesses.. you should focus on the +ve things in people.. :) look for the beautiful things that people do. you should also focus on your own path / journey in Islam... :) 

and this is my beautiful family that Allah has given me, whom i love... 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

mari merapu

Rasanya macam kalau laptop ni buku, dah lama lunyai aku dok belek2. Aku dah tak tau nak browse apa dah. Memang dah lama aku rasa bosan macam ni. Tapi tak boleh la nak complain banyak2. Kadang2 aku rasa kerja aku ni, kalau aku kerja dari rumah pun tak per… internet ada jer.. and aku tak jawab apa2 telefon from customers pun, semua anak2 buah aku yang buat. And sekarang ni aku buat benda2 planning untuk next project atau yang project tengah ongoing. Haaiii lah kenapa lah aku tak leh buat kerja dari rumah jer? Kat opis ni boleh beku otak tau sebab sejuk giler… lelagi hari ni yang dari pagi tadi hujan lebat and sekarang cuaca mendung… aku dah macam orang lepas bersalin dah dengan sweater hijau aku.. hehehe
Hari ni je aku dah terkejut dengan berita one of my favourite artist :p betul ke adiputra buat macam tu? Macam tak logic jer… hmmm itu lah.. susah jadi selibriti ni kan… macam2.. 

Agak2 kalau laptop ni boleh tembus.. mau dia tembus kan… aku renung jer dia lelama… aku dah ngantuk ni… bosan… aku nak balik boleh tak? Boleh laaa boleh laaa…

blogwalking pun boring... semua mcm tak banyak cerita jer...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

let's get into the groove - zumba fitness!

i guess by now, some of you could have seen zumba advertisement somewhere. or perhaps you could have started following on youtube :) have you ever dreamed of having your own group of friends doing zumba fitness? for those who are shy and feel that you cannot dance... leave that feeling at home.. :p come to my zumba fitness class and have some fun! 

i am a licensed zumba fitness instructor and i am having a promotion for package right now. with only 6 in a group, you can have your own zumba fitness class at your own place. if you wish to see which areas i am covering, please visit my website at

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - my personal review

at first i was dragging myself to go to the cinema. i am so not a movie person. its too cold, and the seats are not comfy. yea yea.. ihave said this before in my previous movies' postings.. but yesterday, joelis and i went anyway... i just cannot stand lisa's whining wanting to watch the movie. and i supposed, the advertising is really good. and since i told lisa we can watch after her exam, guess what... she started bugging me on her last day of exam! arrgghh bingit sihh :p 

so yesterday she asked again.. i said, kaiser wouldnt like it if they sleep late on a school night. but.. hmm okay, i gave them conditions, homework must be done by 7pm and settle their bags and school uniforms as well. and since its all done... we went off to watch it...  i forgot what was the movie about..heheh i wasnt paying attention before we left..  didnt know what to expect. lisa was excited - of course! she has the collections of books on city of bones!
it was a good movie, i must say. full of actions.. it was really really good! and i dont know how else to say about the movie. and maybe because i dont read the books, i think i enjoyed the movie more than lisa because i dont know what to expect. according to lisa, the movie did not really follow the book's story line... but.. what the heck, it was still good to me!

the only set back was when they did a close up on the guys' faces when they wanted to change into werewolves, the fangs looked really fake and plastic.. hehe... other than that it is a beautiful and good movie to watch.. not for young kids though.. 13 and above should be ok... although joey slept with his room lights on because he was afraid during one scene when a lil girl changed into an ugly vampire like.. with the eyes rolled up!

and owhh... all the actors are way too skinny... hahaha :D and no liking the gay parts.. although i find it funny too.. ehheeh :D

i highly recommend this movie :D go go go!! enjoy some of the scenes :)
the scene when joey & lisa closed their eyes! hahahaha :D