Thursday, August 22, 2013

my hari raya open house 2013

17th aug, 2013: alhamdulillah this year we managed to have an open house. and it was kinda last minute decision after being persuaded by lisa... joey was cool about it.. kaiser? hmmm he said.. i already spent lot of money for our cebu island trip, so, not gonna spend for hari raya that much.. hihihi kedekss la pakcik tu :p anyway... me, being me... 'always get what i want - by working towards it'... we had an open house :) 50% of the confirmed guests turned up. yeahh malaysians really need to buck up on responding on attending an event/function. why am i making noises about responding and coming? because, if you say you would come but you did not, food will be wasted. we want to avoid wastage, that's all... so, it is only fair, if you say you are going to come - make an effort, yes? 

anyway, it was fun.. :) thank you to all guests who came. tired? yes.. very... but this year alhamdulillah lisa did her part :) making some sandwiches and all the little2 things... i had 2 helpers to help - courtesy by my mom and N1... and me, of all people, forgot to snap pictures!! especially when my ex boss came... and hey not easy to have him coming to my function, ok! ;) 

below are pictures from my different friends' camera & phone cameras. hopefully they won't mind me posting them here :) ... i couldn't get hold of joey & his get their pictures!

and i just realized that i did not have my make up on for the whole function! lol :D i was rushing.. and i thought i have time to put on some make up... and then i thought later we'll perform maghrib prayer at the surau at the other block and i am so lazy to wash off and put on again... so, hmm ambik kau.. togel jer muka.. hahaha
[sisters] from left: me, N3 & N4... N1 was in Australia for holiday.
haaa yang terselit tu laa zhareeeeeee... hehehe :D

 some of lisa's friends

kaiser with one of our mutual friend :)