Monday, August 5, 2013

hari raya preparation

what else is hot other than hari raya topic, right? everywhere people starts talking and discussing about hari raya preparation. last weekend, joelis went out with their daddy again to buy whatever that has not been settled yet. before that i checked how many of joey's baju melayu can still be worn. 2 pairs need to be given away. N1 gave imran's green baju melayu to joey :) alhamdulillah.. so now, we need to get 2 pairs more. since kaiser refuses to get himself a new pair of baju melayu, 3 of us will follow his color. hehee :D the latest color that he has is grey. so our theme this year is greyish silverish.. something like that lah :D and another color would be peachy-pinkish-creamish.. hahaha since my cousin is getting married and that is his theme :p 

my parents house, as usual, will be doing a make over. new curtains etc... hmmm is it really necessary? well to the usual malays yeahh.. hehehe :D they spend pretty much for the preparation. not me though.. maybe because we won't be having people coming over anyway... ermmm at least not that many.. like last year i had 2 families i think to our house.. it was nice to prepare some food for hari raya.. but decorations? just normal... nothing fancy.. just kept the house clean and presentable for guests to come :)

so anyway, since yesterday joelis were out shopping with their dad... kaiser and i went out for iftar.. finally... after 2 weekends passed, we get to eat at al-amar :) at pavillion. and after that we went around pavillion, jalan2.. bumped into joey and daddy.. hehehe and also my cousin and his family. saw a few nice batek baju kurung... price?? rm790 and above.. erkrkk..

as for my baju kurung, they will only be ready on wednesday.. :( hmmm trying to get them ready by tuesday ... pleading my tailor..
abaikan gambar aku yang nampak gemuk tu okay... lepas ni confirm aku let go baju tuh..