Wednesday, August 28, 2013

thank you jpa :)

alhamdulillah... another achievement in clearing my debt. tak banyak mana pun, but i have been delaying.. omg... so this month i have cleared them :) thank you jpa for the study loan that was granted to me. for those yang masih belum langsaikan hutang study tu, sila lah buat cepat ye... there are many out there who needs the benefit... let's help them together. 

now with the online payment, it has been easier than issuing cheques or queuing at the bank :)

yey... baki terkini... rm0.00!! alhamdulillah.

my first achievement in paying another study loan.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

berita baik kah untuk bloggers? :)

kalau aku dapat lebih dari nuffnang, (macam tak betul je ayat tu kan? heheheh) kalau aku dapat extra side income dari blogging, (yang baru betul :P!) aku akan berterima kasih pada hikayat budak pening sebab introduce aku kat 8share ni. macam dia jugak aku dah lama dengan nuffnang tapi hasil tidak memberangsangkan langsung. mungkin aku yang tak faham, aku tak tahu la kan... tapi alang2 dah berblogging - kalau boleh dapat side income, apa salahnya kan? :) 

jadi, hari ni aku try lah 8share ni ... kalau korang nak try jugak, sila lah mana lah tau it works for you, aku pun tumpang gembira. cuma satu je lah nasihat aku... sebelum nak share apa2 tu, make sure ia mendatangkan faedah pada semua... benda2 yang menceritakan keburukan orang lain ie gossip artis tu, lupa kan je lah ya... kita pun tak nak makan hasil memburukkan orang lain, kan? ;)

click on the logo kalau you all berminat :)

office open house @ KLHilton

for the first time since working here for the past 17 years... i actually stayed till the end of the event for hari raya open house. and this year, i get to chat with a few people i know... meet new people.. smiling, talking, joking... laughing.. and yeah.. i had a great time :) and owhh if you are wondering why are there a few in pink, that is because those who are entertaining clients/guests/customers should wear pink.. :p 

this year our office had the open house in a smaller scale, no spouse no children... my kids were sad at first for not getting invited, but this is how it is.. work is work - aku yang menurut perintah.. on the other hand, i stayed longer and managed to meet more people. :) 

and i get to actually chat with datuk astaman.. a nice VIP :) hmmphh.. it was good.. yeah... :D these are a few pictures i gathered in my phone camera and some from my friends. enjoy!

Monday, August 26, 2013

properties in bukit jelutong

i want to write more, but i am not in the mood.. :P i wish to share this with you before i delete the pictures from my handphone :) as usual, our hobby over the weekend is to jalan2 looking at houses... or cars... or big bikes... this week.. ermmm 3 weeks already.. we have been eyeing for houses in bukit jelutong, shah alam. joelis don't really like the area, but so far it is not as expensive as in KL.

but just to let you know..even those in bkt jelutong that we like, we couldn't afford them hahaaha :D so, now how?? 

this house shown below is rm2.2M negotiable :) in bkt jelutong... nice huh..

Thursday, August 22, 2013

my hari raya open house 2013

17th aug, 2013: alhamdulillah this year we managed to have an open house. and it was kinda last minute decision after being persuaded by lisa... joey was cool about it.. kaiser? hmmm he said.. i already spent lot of money for our cebu island trip, so, not gonna spend for hari raya that much.. hihihi kedekss la pakcik tu :p anyway... me, being me... 'always get what i want - by working towards it'... we had an open house :) 50% of the confirmed guests turned up. yeahh malaysians really need to buck up on responding on attending an event/function. why am i making noises about responding and coming? because, if you say you would come but you did not, food will be wasted. we want to avoid wastage, that's all... so, it is only fair, if you say you are going to come - make an effort, yes? 

anyway, it was fun.. :) thank you to all guests who came. tired? yes.. very... but this year alhamdulillah lisa did her part :) making some sandwiches and all the little2 things... i had 2 helpers to help - courtesy by my mom and N1... and me, of all people, forgot to snap pictures!! especially when my ex boss came... and hey not easy to have him coming to my function, ok! ;) 

below are pictures from my different friends' camera & phone cameras. hopefully they won't mind me posting them here :) ... i couldn't get hold of joey & his get their pictures!

and i just realized that i did not have my make up on for the whole function! lol :D i was rushing.. and i thought i have time to put on some make up... and then i thought later we'll perform maghrib prayer at the surau at the other block and i am so lazy to wash off and put on again... so, hmm ambik kau.. togel jer muka.. hahaha
[sisters] from left: me, N3 & N4... N1 was in Australia for holiday.
haaa yang terselit tu laa zhareeeeeee... hehehe :D

 some of lisa's friends

kaiser with one of our mutual friend :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

blog yang lemau

sekarang tengah musim lemau untuk ber blogging... masih musim raya kut. kalau aku blogwalking pun.. semua yang dalam list aku tak banyak updates. selalu kalau aku baca, dapat lah dalm lebih 20 blogs yang updated... tapi macam hari ni.. dalam 10 blogs je kut. yang lain2 semua cerita lama.

untuk aku memblog pun agak lemau. keadaan kesihatan yang belum pulih sepenuhnya ni memang dah start membosankan. aku nak active macam sediakala... dah lebih seminggu kut.. nak complaint banyak2... ini lah habuan aku sebenarnya... kan dah kata, untuk hapuskan dosa2 kecik. :P tapi bila orang tanya aku sihat ke, kena lah jugak aku jawab aku sihat.. hehehe :D malas nak citer dengan orang. 

semua orang pun masih mood raya kut? untuk aku, aku kehilangan salah sorang dari nenek saudara aku... adik bongsu arwah nenek aku.. al-fatihah untuk nenek aminah. 

kalau orang2 yang rajin mengikuti perkembangan facebook aku ataupun blog aku, rasanya they can feel the suramness.. aku tak berkobar2 untuk buat kad raya kali ni... aku tak print and hantar pun... hmmm memang lemau tahap kronik.. 

dah la.. mata dah tinggal separuh nih... muka dah monyok... cuba bagi bantal kat aku.. sure aku lah orang yang sanat berterima kasih kat ko :p yeeehaaaa

Friday, August 16, 2013

hapuslah dosa2 kecik

i am having a challenging situation since last week. susah nak cerita kat sini but have not been in a perfect health condition. so, pergerakan memang agak terhad and have been on medical leave this week. pergi jugak kerja sebenarnya but just bertahan a lil bit more than a day... petang balik awal. took some blood for test last tuesday tapi sebab cuti raya agaknya.. slow sikit lab.. went back to the same clinic but result was not back yet. doctor bagi leave lagi semalam half day and today. siap dia sound, 'you should have stayed at home' ... hmmm :) lisa sent me a message via skype... 'kesian mamanya' but i said, 'tak pe lahh... terhapus la dosa2 kecik' :) kan? *thinking positive*

apa2 pun project today is to get stuff for tomorrow's open house :) mintak maaf lah tak dapat nak invite ramai2.. kena lah ikut kemampuan ekkk :p

must get better soon... in september dah kena start berzumba balik!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

a good raya for us

alhamdulillah... it is a good raya for us. it is almost the usual that we do yearly... first day at my parents house... BUT this year the difference was, we had garden brunch/breakfast... arranged by N4. i must say that i am impressed with the outcome :) it was really beautiful. just that we had to move in fast because it started to rain... lol :D our theme this year is gray. we followed kaiser's color :D and yeahh... it was good! 
at our kampong, tg karang, kuala selangor :)

 our brunch/breakfast table prepared by N4. nice huh?

our family photo :p

should have more to update but... ermmm later later lah... busy lah :p

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

hari raya preparation

what else is hot other than hari raya topic, right? everywhere people starts talking and discussing about hari raya preparation. last weekend, joelis went out with their daddy again to buy whatever that has not been settled yet. before that i checked how many of joey's baju melayu can still be worn. 2 pairs need to be given away. N1 gave imran's green baju melayu to joey :) alhamdulillah.. so now, we need to get 2 pairs more. since kaiser refuses to get himself a new pair of baju melayu, 3 of us will follow his color. hehee :D the latest color that he has is grey. so our theme this year is greyish silverish.. something like that lah :D and another color would be peachy-pinkish-creamish.. hahaha since my cousin is getting married and that is his theme :p 

my parents house, as usual, will be doing a make over. new curtains etc... hmmm is it really necessary? well to the usual malays yeahh.. hehehe :D they spend pretty much for the preparation. not me though.. maybe because we won't be having people coming over anyway... ermmm at least not that many.. like last year i had 2 families i think to our house.. it was nice to prepare some food for hari raya.. but decorations? just normal... nothing fancy.. just kept the house clean and presentable for guests to come :)

so anyway, since yesterday joelis were out shopping with their dad... kaiser and i went out for iftar.. finally... after 2 weekends passed, we get to eat at al-amar :) at pavillion. and after that we went around pavillion, jalan2.. bumped into joey and daddy.. hehehe and also my cousin and his family. saw a few nice batek baju kurung... price?? rm790 and above.. erkrkk..

as for my baju kurung, they will only be ready on wednesday.. :( hmmm trying to get them ready by tuesday ... pleading my tailor..
abaikan gambar aku yang nampak gemuk tu okay... lepas ni confirm aku let go baju tuh..

Friday, August 2, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

raya mood?

somehow raya mood is not really here this year... and ramadhan mood too.. i dont know why... maybe i know but i am ignoring it. anyway... lisa's baju raya is done... joey, not yet.. actually waiting for his dad to get for him, but i dont know la when kan.. but they both got their raya shoes already. Joey ni selamba jer as usual lah kan... mat cool gitu. i have only 2 pairs so far... kasut raya tak dak.. malas.. as usual our home, no changes.. hehehe :D we have no guests anyway. unless by appointment.. cheywahh.. :p ok la.. nak blogging pun tak de mood.