Wednesday, July 24, 2013

to my sweet 16 princess

happy birthday sweetheart
rasa macam baru semalam mama bawa lisa balik dari US
selepas lisa melalak2 dalam flight dari JFK ke London
and daddy terpaksa dukung lisa all the way
hehhee :D those were the sweet memories

you are God's gift for me
it was easy taking care of you since you were in my tummy
and until you were born
you will sleep at 8pm every night and wakes up at 6am every morning
you only wake up for feeding once at night - at most - twice
you mature so fast as i have always made you my best friend
someone i can talk to..
someone who can calm me down when i go crazy
and at times, you make me forget that you are little girl

alhamdulillah, your teenage phase was a short one for me to endure :p
alhamdulillah, Allah has always answers my prayers...

today you are 16 years old...
thought of having a party for you but since it's in ramadhan
we wait till raya ok? :)

here's what i tried to do for you :p

added pictures :)