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get well soon love

by - July 04, 2013

i was in the office when i got a missed call from kaiser... when i got back at my desk, i returned his call and i was shocked when he told me he had an accident!

me: yes...?
kaiser: hey ain.. listen.
me: yeahh... *still with my playful voice*
kaiser: i just had an accident! i don't know what to do.
me: what?? where are you now?
kaiser: i am near your office. my bike cannot move. *that's what i heard about his bike at first*
me: haah? where?
kaiser: near the mosque.
me: mosque? which mosque? *and in my head it was either bangsar mosque or national mosque, the only 2 mosques that i can think of at that time that is near my office*.

and i heard someone's voice behind saying...'masjid negara'

kaiser: so, how? do i come to your office or you can come here?
me: you just wait there, i will go there now.
kaiser: you know where i am?
me: yes yes i know. just wait there.

at that point of time i just packed my handbag and left my office. when i got there... i saw him and a guy with a white mercedes at the roundabout. he seemed okay from far, so i thought it was just a small hit. i turned, made a u-turn and parked in front of the car that hit kaiser. i looked at the guy whom i suspect was the driver of the car and went straight to kaiser bike and asked.. 

me: was it bad?
kaiser: yeahh... scratched 
me: urmmh...owhh
kaiser: you come and check my scooter but you don't look at me ha... and ask how i am? *dushh on my head - apa punya bini daaa?*
me:*that was the time that i looked at his face and saw blood on his face- i was shocked.!* uurgghhh! OMG sayang... !!?
kaiser: haa.. see here.. cuts everywhere... 

i was already geli geleman... i felt warm my whole body and my hand trembled a lil bit... but i kept myself composed and think what needed to do next.

and he showed me all the bruises..  so, to cut story short, took kaiser to the doctor, and made police report and still in the process of the guy to compensate kaiser due to the accident. 
as i am typing this, kaiser is still at home resting this morning... get well soon sayang... remember your meds... and get a good rest. errmmm rest ke? needs to send the bike to the police station to take a photo... take it to the workshop and check on the parts and how much they'll cost... hmmm

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