Thursday, July 25, 2013 - my personal review

for some reason, i have been craving for crabs. not kaiser's favorite since he is too lazy to eat crabs or whatever food that need hard work, so he said :p unlike asians who are more adventurous and fun people on earth! anyway, for me to cook.. is definitely a no no since i am too lazy (the lazy season) hahaha.. so, i was talking to the mommies group of lisa's school. after looking and chatting about the restaurant, we settled for apparently N4 said it is not the original fatty crab restaurant because it has an 's' at the end of the website? hmmm as long as it is halal (no pork), i'd go for it!

it falls on my birthday so, i was thinking of treating my whole family to our house. the phone was answered by ms katherine and she has been very helpful and generous. i got quite some free stuff and some they prepared extra for me! yey!! and i got 1 free noodle because it was my birthday. hahaha :D best best best. 

there is another person known as ms. su who answered my call for my second order. yeup... i ordered on 20th july & 24th july 2013 to celebrate lisa's birthday as well. goshh i am so crazy over crab!! their customer service was superb and i can feel from the other side of the phone that they are genuine and passion about their work. :) :) 

date of order: 20th july & 24th july 2013
location: Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
service: very good for me.. and very helpful and generous.
food: too many options... :D :D you just gotta go check the website and experience it yourself.

my comments on the food would be:
  • salted egg crab: yummyyy
  • cheesed crab: yummyy
  • chilli crab: ok but not that spicy, i feel.
  • sweet sour crab: yummmy and nice to eat the mantou (bun) with the gravy!! nyum nyum
  • nestum prawn: pergghhh i can eat more!!
  • salted egg squids: ok but it was soft, i think i would prefer sotong goreng tepung. 
  • chinese fried rice: yummmy
  • nasi goreng ikan masin: not spicy for me.. maybe it wasn't supposed to be spicy at all? 
  • mantou: yummmy
  • vege: i forgot to try... hahaha :D
 price i paid: rm399 for 8 pax :) not bad huhh... (for the items in blue text - my order on 20th july 2013)
do i recommend this restaurant?? definitely!!!