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down with viral infection

by - July 11, 2013

lisa and i had our dentist appointment on monday... so we had late lunch. i tried the nasi goreng kg & telur mata at a restaurant near our dentist. looking at the oily fried egg scares me. but because i was hungry, i almost ate the whole egg... left only the most oily part. 

got home, and by 530pm my stomach didn't feel so good. that was when i started having diarrhea. i was feeling so weak... and it didn't stop until the next morning. gathered all my strength to send joey to lrt station and lisa to go with her teacher. i knew i couldn't make it to school. i was quite pissed off with kaiser because he refused to help. and he thought i wasn't in that bad condition. somehow, lisa missed her teacher's ride because her teacher left earlier than usual. 

so, i had to wait for awhile for my tummy to stabilize and ease the traffic before sending her to school. as i was getting ready, kaiser asked why i was still home.. so, apa lagi.. kena la dengan aku kan... kita ni dah la sakit perut sangat.. tak tentu masa nak carik toilet, nak mintak tolong hantar anak pun susah sangat.. ha korang imagine je la macamana aku bengang and cakap dengan dia ehh..
pic by Lisa: was on my mom's chair/sofa whatever you call that... lembik sudahhh..

and i left the house to send lisa.. on the way, i received a text from kaiser written, 'i can send lisa to school' piirahhh... i am already on the way... but since traffic is bad... and my tummy was about to burst... had to stop by my parents' house... kesian lisa... she was really late. :( nak tak nak, kena la text kaiser balik kan.. last2, he came to my parent's house, sent lisa to school and sent me to the clinic. i had to leave my car at my parents because i couldn't drive.. 

was on MC for 2 days... had vomiting.. fever.. all in lah... hemmm.. and today alhamdulillah feeling better than 2 days back... really should restart on xango.. it helped a lot. 

nasib baik jugak sepanjang aku MC dia tak de class, so kena jaga orang sakit.. heheheh :D

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