Wednesday, July 31, 2013

productive day today

I am taking a break from work for a while. Not bad at all today. I am so proud of myself :p Need to do some spiritual cleansing… or further cleansing. Been wanting to do this but somehow something caught in the middle of it. I went to check all my bank accounts and from now onwards I want to make sure they are all Islamic accounts J so.. I need to close all accounts and open a new account. Leceh jugak bunyi nya.. tapi kena lah jugak buat.

Then I got back at the office and clear up my staff’s half year appraisal.. hmmm pening dah tengok all those… banyak and detailed gila.. and baru buat 2 of my executives. Hahaha aku punya pun belum buat lagi. Sekarang dah mengah penat tengok sana tengok sini, cut paste copy paste segala bagai… compare lagi..adeh laa..

Oh ye pagi tadi pergi Maxis nak bayar all the bills.. selalu dapat sms, aku dah tak tau untuk bill yang mana.. punya la serabut aku rasa. Ehh ok lah… rasa nak bebel lagi tapi kerja banyak.. cukup lah break 10 minutes :) blog later ok…

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Work it woman!

Enough blabbering :)

Fitness Tip: According to fitness experts - Exercising female diabetics had a 33 percent lower chance to develop cardiovascular disease after eight years than those who didn't workout. Stroke could be reduced by 50 percent with a moderate, five-day exercise program.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

insurance yang tidak membantu

sat lagi ramai lah agen insurance yang akan melenting lepas baca posting aku hari ni. setakat waktu ni, aku dengan kaiser dah tak tahu nak buat macamana. sangat complicated rasanya. cubalah kalau budak yang mengakibatkan accident tu bayar je kos repair motor kaiser & cermin mata dia yang pecah tu, kan dah settle dunia akhirat (kut). 

lepas accident haritu, we had to wait for 2 weeks for the report untuk keluar - keputusan kes, katanya. lepas tu bila baca report yang budak tu buat, memang meremang bulu roma lah... sangat memutar belit rasanya. ada ke dia kata kaiser brek tiba2 and jatuh belakang kereta dia? agak2, kalau dia tak menonong and berhenti kat simpang tu, ada ke kaiser akan brek saje2? hal ni ada jugak aku whatsapp kat kenalan aku sorang polis, dan masa tu memang aku bengang. last2 polis tu kata aku sidekan kaiser dan aku tak ada kat tempat kejadian jadi aku tak boleh bising2??!! tak apa lah kalau dia kata macam tu kat aku... esok lusa kalau ditakdirkan benda yang sama jadi kat orang yang dia sayang, aku nak tengok, dia backing tak orang yang dia sayang tu. aku pasti kaiser tak brek saje2 dan buat drift.. gila haper??? yang nyatanya budak tu cuai, tak berhenti kat tempat yang sepatutnya. nasib dia baik lah kereta dia tak cedera kan.. 

so sekarang katanya motor kaiser kena dok kat workshop 3 bulan?? habis macamana kaiser nak gi kerja? memang lah dia ada kereta tapi dia pergi kerja kena naik motor sebab lagi cepat nak pergi dari satu kelas ke satu kelas. dah la tu tak ada replacement untuk dia bawak pergi kerja. orang yang nak tolong uruskan insurance tu tak de that service katanya. adoyaiii... memang letih la macam ni. 

budak yang mengakibatkan accident tu pulak dengan tenangnya cakap, "saya tak akan bayar satu sen pun" nak marah2 pun buat habis air liur jer. *sigh* entah lah... buntu.

cuba cerita sikit, tang mana yang insurance membantu?? itu pun mangsa kena bayar dulu... dibuatnya insurance belah sana tak mau bayar?? hmm nganga je lah??

Saturday, July 27, 2013

new look again :P

yeup.. i got bored, so i changed the layout again. as usual, i lost all my usual links that i always read.. hmmm now so lazy to put again one by one.. tu la gatal lagi kan..

Friday, July 26, 2013

my first bazaar ramadhan visit

this year kaiser's time always clashes with mine. normally if i want to go to bazaar ramadhan, i will go on the scooter - easier to park. but since kaiser is always at work the time that i want to go, i have not been to any yet, until yesterday.

the traffic was really terrible. it took me 2 hours to get home! i was so tired, sleepy and bored... lisa was browsing youtube to look for funny videos for us to watch.. and that entertained us for awhile. 

hehehe this is really funny.. and we found a few more... we just laughed till we both can't breathe... hahha lol :D 

so anyway... before we reach home, we stopped at bazaar ramadhan in taman setiawangsa.. there were not many people. not like before.. lisa bought roti john that she has been wanting to eat since last week. i don't have anything in mind until i saw sate. :) the usual sate seller that i used to buy often.

the food that we bought doesn't taste that good... infact the sate was dry and hard.. :( disappointing but.. that was our rezeki.

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - my personal review

for some reason, i have been craving for crabs. not kaiser's favorite since he is too lazy to eat crabs or whatever food that need hard work, so he said :p unlike asians who are more adventurous and fun people on earth! anyway, for me to cook.. is definitely a no no since i am too lazy (the lazy season) hahaha.. so, i was talking to the mommies group of lisa's school. after looking and chatting about the restaurant, we settled for apparently N4 said it is not the original fatty crab restaurant because it has an 's' at the end of the website? hmmm as long as it is halal (no pork), i'd go for it!

it falls on my birthday so, i was thinking of treating my whole family to our house. the phone was answered by ms katherine and she has been very helpful and generous. i got quite some free stuff and some they prepared extra for me! yey!! and i got 1 free noodle because it was my birthday. hahaha :D best best best. 

there is another person known as ms. su who answered my call for my second order. yeup... i ordered on 20th july & 24th july 2013 to celebrate lisa's birthday as well. goshh i am so crazy over crab!! their customer service was superb and i can feel from the other side of the phone that they are genuine and passion about their work. :) :) 

date of order: 20th july & 24th july 2013
location: Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
service: very good for me.. and very helpful and generous.
food: too many options... :D :D you just gotta go check the website and experience it yourself.

my comments on the food would be:
  • salted egg crab: yummyyy
  • cheesed crab: yummyy
  • chilli crab: ok but not that spicy, i feel.
  • sweet sour crab: yummmy and nice to eat the mantou (bun) with the gravy!! nyum nyum
  • nestum prawn: pergghhh i can eat more!!
  • salted egg squids: ok but it was soft, i think i would prefer sotong goreng tepung. 
  • chinese fried rice: yummmy
  • nasi goreng ikan masin: not spicy for me.. maybe it wasn't supposed to be spicy at all? 
  • mantou: yummmy
  • vege: i forgot to try... hahaha :D
 price i paid: rm399 for 8 pax :) not bad huhh... (for the items in blue text - my order on 20th july 2013)
do i recommend this restaurant?? definitely!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

to my sweet 16 princess

happy birthday sweetheart
rasa macam baru semalam mama bawa lisa balik dari US
selepas lisa melalak2 dalam flight dari JFK ke London
and daddy terpaksa dukung lisa all the way
hehhee :D those were the sweet memories

you are God's gift for me
it was easy taking care of you since you were in my tummy
and until you were born
you will sleep at 8pm every night and wakes up at 6am every morning
you only wake up for feeding once at night - at most - twice
you mature so fast as i have always made you my best friend
someone i can talk to..
someone who can calm me down when i go crazy
and at times, you make me forget that you are little girl

alhamdulillah, your teenage phase was a short one for me to endure :p
alhamdulillah, Allah has always answers my prayers...

today you are 16 years old...
thought of having a party for you but since it's in ramadhan
we wait till raya ok? :)

here's what i tried to do for you :p

added pictures :)


Sunday, July 21, 2013

41 already??

on 20th july, 2013 i turned 41... yeahh how time flies right?? :D hehehe .... and i am happy and grateful that i aged gracefully. i had this from lisa on my birthday and i loved it... :) enjoy! and we had a wonderful dinner with lots of different type of crabs from a review coming up soon!

and thank you so much ... my darling joey for this beautiful blouse... it fits me perfectly... :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

say NO to drugs and drinking alcohol!

When patients leave detox, they can be especially vulnerable because their bodies are no longer able to tolerate high doses of drugs.
People such as Cory Monteith who have used heavy drugs can have an increased risk of a fatal overdose in the period after leaving rehab, doctors say.
The British Columbia coroner confirmed Tuesday that Monteith, from the TV show Glee, died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol.
The actor, 31, whose body was found at the Fairmount Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, had checked himself into drug rehab in April.
 CORY MONTEITH: Coroner says heroin and alcohol caused actor's death
Rehab can be lifesaving, and it helps many addicts get clean for good. But addicts can be vulnerable to overdose after going through a detox program, because their bodies are no longer able to tolerate high doses of drugs, says Neal Benowitz, a professor of medicine at the University of California-San Francisco. He has no personal knowledge of Monteith's case.
Heroin users develop a tolerance over time, so they need larger amounts of the drug to get high. Their bodies become able to withstand large amounts of the drug, Benowitz says.
Monteith had a long history of drug use. In an interview with Parade magazine in 2011, Monteith said that his drug use had spiraled out of control when he was a teen and that he was "doing anything and everything, as much as possible."
Once those drugs are cleared from person's system, however, taking a big dose all at once can prove fatal, Benowitz says.
"Among people who have been clean and sober, if they go back into the habit, they will usually start at the same dose that they had before," says John Brown, an attending physician at San Francisco General Hospital's emergency room. "Their body is now sensitive to it. They've essentially reset their body."
Heroin produces euphoria by binding to receptors on nerve cells in the brain, Brown says. But many of those receptors are located on nerve cells that regulate breathing.
So heroin suppresses respiration not by damaging the lungs but by damaging parts of the brain that tell the lungs to breathe, Brown says.
The combination can create a vicious cycle, Brown says. The brain fails to send the proper signals, so breathing slows. That causes cells to become deprived of oxygen, which further decreases brain activity.
Addicts can die because they simply stop breathing, Brown says.
Alcohol, which also suppresses a person's breathing and heart rate, amplifies heroin's depressant effects, Benowitz says. And when people are drinking, they may be more likely to use drugs, as well as fail to pay attention to how much they're taking.
Doctors can sometimes save overdose patients by giving them oxygen and medication to reverse the effects of heroin on the brain, Brown says. People who survive can be left with brain damage, because their brains were deprived of oxygen.
Contributing: The Associated Press

Thursday, July 18, 2013


enough being sad ein... stop yourself from reading about cory monteith... he has passed... just hope he will rest in peace in another world... get back to work ein... stop searching stories about him, or you will be saddened with the tragic accident longer... 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

RIP Cory Monteith

it was a very shocking news indeed. i was informed by Lisa yesterday that Fin has died... and she wasn't sure at first if it was true. she said it is all over twitter and news on the internet. i got home and checked... sadly it is true :"( RIP Cory Monteith... and stay strong Lea Michele... it is not easy... but hang in there girl... :"((

the pic on the right is not Lea Michele fyi.

Friday, July 12, 2013

lunyai di bulan poser

sebenarnya benda ni biasa untuk orang2 berpuasa. tapi nak jugak aku post kat blog aku ni. sajer.. sebab sejuk... yeup.. kalau bulan poser ni sejuk lebih sebab kita tak makan kan... so tak de menda yang memperhangatkan badan kita, kut :p so korang imagine la.. orang2 yang tak de makanan tu... agaknya gini la depa rasa kan... lemah, sejuk, tak bermaya.. lepas tu sakit kepala... hmmm aku sakit kepala semalam teruk... memang tangkap migraine lah... solat maghrib dgn isya' pun rasa melayang.. last2 lepas isya' aku give up tak solat terawikh and baring kat katil parents aku sementara tunggu anak2 aku. 

kepala berdenyut2 rasa macam nak tersembul mata aku... aku pun teringat kat kawan office aku din yang masih terlantar kat hospital sebab stroke.. aduhaiii... apalah perasaan dia sekarang kan... kesian dia.. kejap2 aku terlelap... lepas tu datang pulak 2 lil rascal dok melompat kat katil parents aku ni haihhh... depa dah bully joey tadi sebelum isya'... habis di covernya joey dengan kusyen2 lepas di hempapnya, boleh? hahaha :D tempat kitorang solat dah jadi macam medan perang dah... lepas tu masuk isya' sibuk nak ikut solat... ada lah 15 saat kut... pastu hilang dah telekung masing2. hehhe memang best tengok kerenah kekanak 2 orang nih... si zharee yang naughty.. kakak maira dah okay sikit... dia dah tau mana baik mana idak. 
tengok betapa happynya depa hempap abg joey depa... si imran dah jadi dugong kat sofa tu!
haaa ni dah get ready for solat isya' pulak :D heheeh :D
hmm ok lah ye... sekarang ni perut dah rasa macam lapar... hehehe :D apa nak buat tengahari nanti eh?? hmmmm

Thursday, July 11, 2013

chasing time...

or, it is more like... tak cukup masa? or waktu yang dah haywire? hihiih... mana tak nya... memang agak sukar nak betul2 memanfaatkan bulan puasa ni kan... perghh bahasa... hahaha :D ni la bahananya kalau office sejuk macam dalam peti ais..! aku rasa semua orang lebih kurang sama je dengan aku kut.. ha macam kat bawah ni la jadual harian sepanjang puasa..
  • 4.45am: bangun sediakan sahur - panaskan lauk yang dah masak malam tadi.
  • 5.00am: sahur
  • 5.30am: kemas dapur sambil joelis sidai kain yang dah pusing malam tadi (extra load)
  • 6.00am: mandi - solat subuh
  • 6.30am: gerak pergi sekolah.
  • 7.30am: sampai ofc - tido kejap.. dapat lah 1 jam kut :p
  • 4.30pm: blah dari office..
  • 5.00pm: sampai rumah - cuci kain.. nap kejap - lepas solat asar :p
  • 6.30pm: bangun mandi... jemur kain tadi..
  • 7.00pm: pergi rumah mama & ayah - untuk buka puasa - then terawikh.
  • 10.00pm: balik rumah
  • 10.30pm: tengok apa2 yang boleh masak untuk sahur. yang confirm, masak nasi dulu.
  • 11.30pm: tido daaaa
hmmm actually dapat jugak total dalam 7 jam tido kan...cuma tak direct la... tapi awat letih semacam ehh?? isk isk...

down with viral infection

lisa and i had our dentist appointment on monday... so we had late lunch. i tried the nasi goreng kg & telur mata at a restaurant near our dentist. looking at the oily fried egg scares me. but because i was hungry, i almost ate the whole egg... left only the most oily part. 

got home, and by 530pm my stomach didn't feel so good. that was when i started having diarrhea. i was feeling so weak... and it didn't stop until the next morning. gathered all my strength to send joey to lrt station and lisa to go with her teacher. i knew i couldn't make it to school. i was quite pissed off with kaiser because he refused to help. and he thought i wasn't in that bad condition. somehow, lisa missed her teacher's ride because her teacher left earlier than usual. 

so, i had to wait for awhile for my tummy to stabilize and ease the traffic before sending her to school. as i was getting ready, kaiser asked why i was still home.. so, apa lagi.. kena la dengan aku kan... kita ni dah la sakit perut sangat.. tak tentu masa nak carik toilet, nak mintak tolong hantar anak pun susah sangat.. ha korang imagine je la macamana aku bengang and cakap dengan dia ehh..
pic by Lisa: was on my mom's chair/sofa whatever you call that... lembik sudahhh..

and i left the house to send lisa.. on the way, i received a text from kaiser written, 'i can send lisa to school' piirahhh... i am already on the way... but since traffic is bad... and my tummy was about to burst... had to stop by my parents' house... kesian lisa... she was really late. :( nak tak nak, kena la text kaiser balik kan.. last2, he came to my parent's house, sent lisa to school and sent me to the clinic. i had to leave my car at my parents because i couldn't drive.. 

was on MC for 2 days... had vomiting.. fever.. all in lah... hemmm.. and today alhamdulillah feeling better than 2 days back... really should restart on xango.. it helped a lot. 

nasib baik jugak sepanjang aku MC dia tak de class, so kena jaga orang sakit.. heheheh :D

Friday, July 5, 2013

siapa muhammad zaim b razak?

aku rasa dalam bab-bab macam ni, kaiser lebih berhati mulia dari aku. he is more forgiving than me. and he will just move on with his life without even think back about bad things that people has done to him. to him it is a waste of time even to think about it. as for me, it would linger in my head for quite some time. and blogging is another way of me letting off whatever that is bothering me.

this is the continuation of what happened to my husband - the accident. muhammad zaim b razak is the young chap who drove the car and hit my husband. on the day of the accident, beriyer he promised that he will pay. and buat muka kesian. i asked him a lot of questions.. from there i know that he is still in his final year. 

we are not inconsiderate people. in fact kaiser tried to make the most minimum repair that he needed so that it will not burden him. this guy called me yesterday morning.. and last night he called again. and he dared to say that i am pressing him with a high claim! that really pissed me off. and i told him - "you have not even being claimed of the medical bill! how dare you say i am pressing you? you are the one who hit my husband and it is my husband who has got to endure the pain".

and this morning i got a call from the sarjan at the police station.. apparently he went up to him and buat muka and suara kesian. so now, he is going to claim insurance only for the bike repair and not for the medical and also my husband's other kerugian ie broken spectacles etc.. 

aku malu dengan wujudnya manusia bernama zaim ni... apa yang sangat aku kesalkan ialah, 
  • dia orang melayu
  • budak tahun akhir universiti sains islam malaysia
  • beragama Islam pulak tu tapi tak mendokong ciri2 sebagai seorang Islam!
kaiser is someone yang susah nak trust orang. so bila dia sangsi dengan budak ni, aku lah yang meyakinkan kaiser. sebab aku percaya dengan dia - cara dia cakap, and as someone yang kunun study tinggi, i was quite sure that he will keep to his promise. walaupun aku rimas cara budak ni menghenyeh2. ye lah... aku ni kureng sket dengan orang yang cakap macam ala2 baik nih kan.. in the end memang semua itu lakonan semata2!! sungguh kurang h%$#@(!!!

"saya takut ayah saya marah kak...saya tak nak ayah saya tahu!" was his plead when i asked whose car he was driving and to claim with insurance and wanted to make a police report. can you imagine if i really listened to him and did not make a police report?? he even tried to persuade me NOT to make a police report.
but this morning... everything changed... bila aku call dia.. dengan suara sombongnya dia cakap, 'saya tak akan bayar satu sen pun akak' wahhh... sungguh bagus jawapan itu.

masa aku cakap nak hantar kaiser pergi jumpa doctor sebab muka dia dah berdarah and lepas tu nak buat report polis, dia kata takut tak sempat sebab ada interview pukul 2pm. so aku ckp "tak apalah, go for your interview first, you can do the report later". then after awhile rupanya bukan dia yang interview, 'kawan dia' yang interview and dia kena hantar! cakap punya la putar belit.

ini lah generasi zaman sekarang yang kununya belajar tinggi2 untuk apa ya? lupa dengan janji pada sesama manusia. and for sure, aku akan menyebarkan bahawasanya dia ada seorang yang mungkir janji dan TIDAK BOLEH dipercayai... di mana2 jua. so korang berhati2lah denga budak bernama seperti di atas... muka memang tak boleh blahh.. mcm muka budak skema... tapi licik!!!
dan ini adalah cara aku untuk membalas apa yang dia telah lakukan... sebab dia kata tak mau claim insurance pada mulanya, kaiser pun buat apa yang major aja padahal kerosakan pada motor dia is more that what is asked. itu pun berani budak tu kata "aku menekan dia???"
so since now dia kata nak claim insurance, baik repair motor tu lebih detail. 

hari ni memang aku tak de mood nak buat apa2. nak makan pun malas... and bila aku text kaiser... dia kata,
aku senang berkawan dan berbaik dengan orang... tapi sekali ko break kepercayaan aku, hidup ko takkan tenang dengan rasa bersalah ko sendiri because i will make you remember. jangan la sesekali buat jahat dengan aku.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

get well soon love

i was in the office when i got a missed call from kaiser... when i got back at my desk, i returned his call and i was shocked when he told me he had an accident!

me: yes...?
kaiser: hey ain.. listen.
me: yeahh... *still with my playful voice*
kaiser: i just had an accident! i don't know what to do.
me: what?? where are you now?
kaiser: i am near your office. my bike cannot move. *that's what i heard about his bike at first*
me: haah? where?
kaiser: near the mosque.
me: mosque? which mosque? *and in my head it was either bangsar mosque or national mosque, the only 2 mosques that i can think of at that time that is near my office*.

and i heard someone's voice behind saying...'masjid negara'

kaiser: so, how? do i come to your office or you can come here?
me: you just wait there, i will go there now.
kaiser: you know where i am?
me: yes yes i know. just wait there.

at that point of time i just packed my handbag and left my office. when i got there... i saw him and a guy with a white mercedes at the roundabout. he seemed okay from far, so i thought it was just a small hit. i turned, made a u-turn and parked in front of the car that hit kaiser. i looked at the guy whom i suspect was the driver of the car and went straight to kaiser bike and asked.. 

me: was it bad?
kaiser: yeahh... scratched 
me: urmmh...owhh
kaiser: you come and check my scooter but you don't look at me ha... and ask how i am? *dushh on my head - apa punya bini daaa?*
me:*that was the time that i looked at his face and saw blood on his face- i was shocked.!* uurgghhh! OMG sayang... !!?
kaiser: haa.. see here.. cuts everywhere... 

i was already geli geleman... i felt warm my whole body and my hand trembled a lil bit... but i kept myself composed and think what needed to do next.

and he showed me all the bruises..  so, to cut story short, took kaiser to the doctor, and made police report and still in the process of the guy to compensate kaiser due to the accident. 
as i am typing this, kaiser is still at home resting this morning... get well soon sayang... remember your meds... and get a good rest. errmmm rest ke? needs to send the bike to the police station to take a photo... take it to the workshop and check on the parts and how much they'll cost... hmmm