Monday, June 17, 2013

my supplements

going full swing today.. being a monday morning.. alhamdulillah been getting calls on my zumba fitness class.. most probably i will have classes to teach tuesday to saturday from now on... :) and i really need to think of increasing my energy level. with the current low metabolism rate, which of course due to not being that young anymore, i need to restart on more supplements. well it is also to help me with the shape that i wanted :) more toned body... and reduce body fat percentage. :) my idea of exceed the right weight is different from most people - as per my friend's comment :) just for info, my ideal weight is 55kg for my height... but since i wanna get my body more toned, trying to reduce maybe 2 kgs more so that my ideal weight is from muscle instead of fat.. i have reached my ideal weight by the way.

so anyway... my plan is taking the protein shake for dinner, and i will take fat burner on a daily basis in the morning before breakfast. well, i must say that the fat burner is fabulous... i can feel all the energy few minutes upon consuming it. :p not recommended for high bp people by the way :) the effect is you are gonna feel your heart beats so fast and hands trembling for awhile.. hehee :D lovin' it. :p

yeupp... its gonna be a great week ahead :) 
i am not promoting any of the labels/brand above... just taking those mixed products :)