it is never the same again... :(

i supposed it happens anywhere? when things don't go as planned [edited version for safety purposes :P] , the first group who will be taking the hit is those at the lowest ranking. and those in the top management are saved. so the same thing is happening in where i am right now. i felt it during the bonus distribution early this year. it was not as much as before - nevertheless, to think positive, at least i have bonus unlike some companies *role of eyes*. then the increment... then something else that i got to know.. then my department plans even to help the unfortunate is being reduced. whenever we proposed something it will be 'supported' by, we are trying to cut cost .... duhhh... and the latest one was the newspapers distribution that all staff have been getting since forever is being terminated. how much do you save by cutting those to compare to an office as big as a hotel suite? all those golf club memberships etc... but then again, who are we to even bring this up, right? i miss our previous leaders in our organization. he has always been there for all employees... and fight for our rights. but now he is no longer here... :( if only those people are still here, we will still be at peak!


~ makin kritkal kak..patut reduce training overc..accomodation..tarik sementara benefits top management..nk potong sotkabar xde ape impak pung..x membantu langsung..x pung jual byk mende yg ader kat suite tuh..!!
Makbed Journal said…
sy sedang membayangkan kecantikan pejabat anda...

memang sgt gojes. BUT......

boss dulu bes kan?
Ein said…
**sigh** i guess certain things are just best being kept quiet... kita ibarat timun dgn durian... digelek penyek... menggelek pun penyek... :'(

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