Friday, June 28, 2013

TAd Marine Resort, Pulau Tinggi, Johor - my personal review

wow, the last review i did was in 2012?? that is terrible ein! :p ok, let's roll. just that, because i lost my camera during my trip, all the resort's picture in there are gone. :'( so, you will have to check their website for more pictures ok. 

i was here for the weekend due to work. we had our Coral Rehab activity at the nearby island called Pulau Mentinggi. I will write more of that experience and activity in my other post. when? errmm.. i don't know yet. soon i hope :p hehehe
  • date of visit: 20 - 23 June, 2013
  • location: TAd Marine Resort, Pulau Tinggi, Johor
  • room: Sea View Room - Teratai
  • decor: nice, like it :) 
  • cleanliness of the room: 10 out of 10. 
  • hotel service: efficient, the crew took our luggage immediately and brought them to the front office. 
  • cafe service: they have a strict chef cum captain :) during our trip, they had many practical students, and i would say, they did a good job. need more improvement but they worked hard :)
  • food: excellent!! food was marvelous.... i could put on weight if i stay here longer!!
  • pool: just nice... and i was enjoying the jacuzzi.
  • hotel crew: excellent service! they are always smiling and you feel welcomed all the time. from the guard, to the bell boys, reception, officers and the general manager :)
my other comment would be the function room (club haven), that needs to be better maintained. it was comfy enough but perhaps need to be cleaned more often.

the karaoke room was fabulous. for a resort, they have many selections of songs! :) 

i must say our heartfelt thank you to ms audrey and her team, namely, ms may, mr adha, mr nizam and his kitchen crew, mr daniel, mr tan, mr chew, the security guards, porters and all crew of TAd Marine Resort!
the pool view at night
malindo cafe
our room looks like this - teratai sea view
you will feel at home :) with beautiful bathroom like this.
photos are taken from the website.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

it is never the same again... :(

i supposed it happens anywhere? when things don't go as planned [edited version for safety purposes :P] , the first group who will be taking the hit is those at the lowest ranking. and those in the top management are saved. so the same thing is happening in where i am right now. i felt it during the bonus distribution early this year. it was not as much as before - nevertheless, to think positive, at least i have bonus unlike some companies *role of eyes*. then the increment... then something else that i got to know.. then my department plans even to help the unfortunate is being reduced. whenever we proposed something it will be 'supported' by, we are trying to cut cost .... duhhh... and the latest one was the newspapers distribution that all staff have been getting since forever is being terminated. how much do you save by cutting those to compare to an office as big as a hotel suite? all those golf club memberships etc... but then again, who are we to even bring this up, right? i miss our previous leaders in our organization. he has always been there for all employees... and fight for our rights. but now he is no longer here... :( if only those people are still here, we will still be at peak!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

introducing 'shop with ein'

this is sticky post till 30th june 2013. please scroll down for latest posting :) do visit :)

to all my dear readers, i am inviting you to visit my other blog where i sell some of new & preloved clothes. my wardrobe is getting out of control - so i really need to clear some stuff. :D selling some clothes that i rarely wear anymore. mostly fits from XS to M or it can also fits size L. so, feel free to spread the words around ya...
prices are reasonable... currently still in the midst of transferring the pictures from my page at friendlyfashion because that website is closing by end of june 2013.

added: there will be various sizes as i will have a few contributors of clothings in that website. do come back!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the sadness

my two kids are big enough to take care of themselves. nevertheless each time i need to be separated from them, i will feel sad. alhamdulillah kaiser will be around to take care of them while i am away. transport to school (checked), dinner (checked) weekend activities (checked) :) 

apparently this time there will be vvip involves, so it's gonna be a bit formal on the launch part... hmmm and somehow this time round i am not really in the mood for the trip. and another sad thing i am going to miss my 120 years of school reunion :(( huwaaaa... 

and WMN is not coming too... i really really pray that she can make it although last minute... pleaseeee lahh...

i will miss my 2 angels...  

Monday, June 17, 2013

my supplements

going full swing today.. being a monday morning.. alhamdulillah been getting calls on my zumba fitness class.. most probably i will have classes to teach tuesday to saturday from now on... :) and i really need to think of increasing my energy level. with the current low metabolism rate, which of course due to not being that young anymore, i need to restart on more supplements. well it is also to help me with the shape that i wanted :) more toned body... and reduce body fat percentage. :) my idea of exceed the right weight is different from most people - as per my friend's comment :) just for info, my ideal weight is 55kg for my height... but since i wanna get my body more toned, trying to reduce maybe 2 kgs more so that my ideal weight is from muscle instead of fat.. i have reached my ideal weight by the way.

so anyway... my plan is taking the protein shake for dinner, and i will take fat burner on a daily basis in the morning before breakfast. well, i must say that the fat burner is fabulous... i can feel all the energy few minutes upon consuming it. :p not recommended for high bp people by the way :) the effect is you are gonna feel your heart beats so fast and hands trembling for awhile.. hehee :D lovin' it. :p

yeupp... its gonna be a great week ahead :) 
i am not promoting any of the labels/brand above... just taking those mixed products :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

busy day today... yesterday... and days after

busy day is always good. our event is getting closer. so now it's our part to be busy. dalam pada kebusy-ian, time ni jugak lah phone buat hal. no, not the office phone, my personal BB. i just changed the battery. cuma i did not buy the original because the girl who sold it to me said, it is as good as the original. so, beli je lah kan... i think it is less than 1 year... and now, i can only switch on the phone when it is connected to a charger. ishh geram betul... and it has been 2 days like that, yesterday i wanted to buy a new battery at the station, dah rasa nak pitam pulak.. terus tak jadi nak jalan2 tengok battery BB. itu kisah battery... 

now kisah rantai pulak. hhehe actually the necklace belongs to my sister.. N4. it has been with me for quite some time... and she doesn't read my blog anyway, so tak per lah.. hahahah :D so anyway, this morning i am wearing palazo to the office and colour about orangey... so i thought it will look nice with the necklace. tak sampai half of the day, my neck started to have i had to take it off... and just before lunch time, ingat nak pakai balik... sekali... baru pakai.. tup tup.. alamak... putus??? adeh la... so, terpaksa la lopong dadaku tanpa accessories.. 
and owhh... i am liking my new free lance.. teaching zumba fitness :) and now i am teaching 2 classes in a week. not bad huh? ;) 

low blood pressure

i was at the station sentral yesterday having lunch with my 2 friends when all of a sudden i felt like blood rush going up my face, my head, and heart started to pump so strong, i felt my face warm, and light headed... felt a bit sweaty and nausea. i stopped eating immediately and my 2 friends asked if i was okay. i felt like almost black-out. i did not finished my mushroom soup - garlic bread - ice latte. was it because of the combination of food? or was it because of the pain killer i took the day before? 

when i got at the office, i was still feeling light headed. normally when i feel like this my blood pressure could be low. so i smsed joey and told him that i am not picking him up from his school today because he normally stays back. i got home, had my early dinner - at 530pm :P as i didn't take proper lunch. and watched tv on the sofa.. which in the end, the tv watched me :p
let's check what could be the reason of low blood pressure.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

zharee turns 3

party yo!! the little jumping rabbit turns 3 today. and her mom decided to organize a geek & nerdy birthday party. food was lavish as usual... with soto, nasi lemak, fries, quiche, cheese cake...rainbow cake... etc.. perghhh lots of food. so anyway, we were there quite late - just before 10am.. and this time, i was the entertainer for the kids.. and adults :p what else? they requested for zumba!! and we had like 3 sessions of zumba! we sure had fun!! and birthday girl was so happy :D :D
yey!! it's zumba time!
do i look geeky enough? :p
look at the beautiful birthday cake.. my sister baked that!

Friday, June 7, 2013

rezeki di pagi Jumaat

alhamdulillah :) rezeki ku di pagi jumaat oleh insan yang rasa bersalah... muahahaha :D agak2 kena merajuk lah baru dapat lempeng yang ku idam2kan ini yeh? dah lama mintak tapi tak dapat2... nak harap tunggu preggy... hmmm sampai berjanggut la kan... tapi sebab ada orang tu rasa bersalah... wahhh tak semena-mena aku dapat sarapan free... my favorite pulak tuh..

i tell you, kalau aku makan lempeng dengan sambal ikan bilis, memang tak boleh berhenti! bahaya tau... dah macam boleh makan sepinggan nasi tuhhh... 
ihik ihik... walaubagaimanapun, aku salute dengan si orochi ni... lempeng dia lembut.. and sambal dia pun sedap.. memang kena dengan my taste... kena belajar ni macamana nak buat sambal ikan bilis macam tu. pagi tadi aku dapat 6 keping... sekali ngap... 3 keping daaaa... jeles aku dengan orang yang boleh masak macam ni... almaklum lah... aku jarang dapat... amik kau... kalau ada jual kat kedai tu, selalu depa suka buat yang tebal, lepas tu letak kelapa... me no like you know :p 

apa2 pun.. terima kasih la orochi ya... Tuhan je lah dapat balas budi awak tu :D heehhe *masih sengih sampai telinga sebab dapat makan lempeng!*

Thursday, June 6, 2013

productive wednesday

i was busy at work yesterday. and after work, i had my zumba fitness teaching class. taught my participants new choreography... and when they did it all the same, it looks so nice :D steps are easy to follow.. and most importantly all of us had fun and we sweat..

joelis were at my office after coming back from a movie with their friends. we picked up my parents and brought them out for dinner. felt like we have not been out for dinner for a long time. had good muslim chinese food at mohd chan abdullah... sorry that my dad's food (meehoon cantonese) arrived late.. like more than 1 hour later. luckily my mom ordered sharks fin soup and we had that for appetizer. sorry no other pictures because we so hungry. the food arrived at 920pm! i miss dining with my parents.. i like it when my mom orders the food especially fish.. because i wouldn't know what fish to order. but since we are not big eater... that fish has still a lot of balance even after sharing between 3 of us :)

sent my parents home and when we got home, kaiser was already on the sofa... i kept my stuff.. and watch a movie with kaiser.. by then it was almost 1030pm.. joelis were already sent to their room - sleeping time. and cuddling after a long day felt so wonderful :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

busy weekend

when some people are busy going for holidays during the school holidays, i am busy with office stuff. this weekend is the company's sports carnival. i am so happy.. extra happy because lisa played netball with us. and she gets better and better after few trainings :) i dont have that many pictures of netball yet. will post more when i get some :)

1st June 2013: the dinner was held at ceruk rantau that is difficult to find. we got lost for more than 30 mins in sri serdang. and we missed the registration of best dressed competition. nevertheless, i am so thankful to my family who are so sporting to be in the theme - which was 'pop yeh yeh' :) 

Champion Netball: HQ Team B
2nd place: HQ Team A
Lisa and Joey received a cheque of rm500 each for getting 5As (UPSR) & 8As(PMR) alhamdulillah :)

resting in between games :)
HQ Team A (purple) & HQ Team B (pink)