Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness - my personal review

watched this last night. i am not a fan of star trek, but the trailer in the cinema when we went to watch ironman3 was awesome. never thought that lisa would be really interested to watch the star trek. i watched it when i was much much younger and not so thrilled about it. 

by staying near the mall, we took it for granted to leave later... we were almost 20 minutes late, and we missed the intro :( aiyahh... *should go again :P* hehehe
star trek into darkness was full of actions. to tell you the truth, i am already in a yo yo mode for some reasons.. and watching this movie really made my heart beats so fast and hard! hahha :D the spaceship was so huge... and sound was so loud and deep.. it was a good movie.. full of shocking scenes as well.

i like capt kirk and spock's characters. spock has no emotions.. and capt kirk has a mind of his own when at times, his decision almost jeopardizing his crews' lives. but towards the end, when the need comes, he decides like a true captain. yey! and i just cannot stop thinking who is this capt kirk @ chris pine... and finally i remembered after googling him.. hehehe... he acted in princess diaries 2 and also in it means war.
mr spock
the ending was quite predictable when lisa knew that they will bring capt kirk to live by using khan's blood. oh, by the way khan is another character acted by benedict cumberbatch, another familier face. some illogical here, according to joey... how can someone from the past... say, 300 years old can be so powerful compared to current human? and smarter? hmmm.. anyways the actions ie fighting, shootings were superb...
my name is 'khan'... and i am not a terrorist... hahahaha :D
when we got home, kaiser asked if the movie was good. i'd say yes it was... as compared to ironman3? it is different satisfaction. i can say that watching star trek into darkness is tiring... because the action was non stop! hehhehe :D thrilling, exciting... :D go watch!