Tuesday, May 21, 2013

mood ke laut

ye lah... jangan ikut mood orang kata.. tapi nak buat macamana, we are just human :p so anyway, let's not layan kan sangat... what i need to do now is just look back why i am being like this. doing too many things at a time. and lots of things that i need to manage - which most of the time include work and home.

D has been late in paying alimony, it has been 2 months now. i have smsed and no response. i am getting upset since kids expenses are increasing. it somehow affected our budgeting, and to add with my own classes fees that i need to pay. hmmmpphh... if he still do not respond, i have no choice but report to court.

everyday is too fast for me. joelis have been very helpful and understanding. so is kaiser, supportive to what i am doing. nothing comes easy. for a start, i find it very challenging... but so far i am enjoying it. i hope, and pray that i will get to do it more. if only i have done it earlier :) 
group photo... thanks to GA:)
exercises increases, gym - weight lifting, zumba fitness, hip hop class and netball training. love them all... once in a while i take my own break time. when i feel that my body is too tired, i will just take the day off. need to increase my stamina somehow. i must!