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jet-lagged without travelling

by - May 24, 2013

this was what happened to me.  it was pretty terrible for me. i knew i was going to enjoy the long holiday. i just wanted to rest. and joelis knew that i wanna wake up late.. but.. i did not expect it to be like today! goshh... and now i cannot sleep because i overslept! - the jet-lagged part :p

i was up when kaiser left for work..but really got up at about 10am! that is way too late.. and somehow the bed was like not letting me go! :p lisa asked for maggi goreng. that is not healthy food but we have them for emergency..hehehe :D so, i made maggi goreng for breakfast and it was actually brunch for joelis. then, believe it or not, after that, i went crawling back to my bed! and dozed off... 

got up just around 1230 and told joey to leave for friday prayers. i quickly get up. took a shower. got ready for lunch. and we went out for lunch... did some groceries shopping at aeon. came back.. and yeup... you got it right.. fell asleep until around 4pm and that was the time kaiser came home for a short break... and all he sees was, me still in bed.. like how he left me in the morning! and his nagging... went bla bla bla... i was too drowsy to actually paid attention. he left again for work about 5pm and i was still half asleep... and got up around 645pm!! i know!! it was disastrous!! 

cooked dinner.. and stayed up till now.. 1228am.. yeup.... jet-lagged hahahah :D

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