Thursday, May 23, 2013

ironman3 - my personal review

oh wow, it has been more than 3 weeks i think after we watched this movie! really... when we are blocked from blogging, i totally forgot about it. anyway, yeah... we (kaiser, joey and i) went to watch ironman3 at pavillion. the only one who has experienced gold seat was joey. so, kaiser and i were jakun a bit lah... since most seats were taken due to ironman3 was still selling like hot cakes.. joey seated alone below our lane. as soon as we entered the cinema, he went straight to his seat and recline his recliner seat.. waahh...
the waiting area / lounge

what can i say about the movie?? hmmm... i wanna watch again!! and lisa missed it.. she didn't want to go because exam was near. tony stark is handsome as always... and arrogant some people would say. in this movie, he fought more without his metal suit. so i guess he is strong with and without his ironman suit :) heh heh :D best best best.. :p 

only knew that he has anxiety problem. which i have too, and i can relate to his feeling during the anxiety attack.. gosh... and when his mansion blew up...OMG!! and he still can afford to act cool about it. hhmmpphh... i want to be rich like him :p and owhh his car!! wowieee...

love the part when his army of ironmen came to assist during the war... perghh it was really awesome!! and i actually sat straight from lying on my recliner.. oh man.. i am starting to enjoy in the gold class cinema.. o'uh... :o :p

after joelis finishes their exam, we are going for the movie - again! 
look at how cool he is! hehehe :D
this was when i get goose bump! best giler...