Monday, May 27, 2013

Charity Programme with Jamu Mak Dara - Kuala Lipis Pahang

alhamdulillah we got the opportunity to join with Jamu Mak Dara Sdn Bhd in their Charity programme last Sunday - 29th May 2013. but unfortunately Joey had to be left behind because last minute he had a rugby match.

This time it was in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. it was a good experience for all of us. we arrived at the meeting point 1 hour earlier due to some misunderstanding. to go to the family's house, we need to go on a boat. we enjoyed the journey. :) when we arrived the destination, there was a short speech by the organizer to thank those who came to support the activities and also sponsors.

then we had lunch... lovely chicken curry (there goes my diet) and kerabu pucuk paku, and omelette. it was simple lunch and yet so delicious. after lunch we went inside the house to put on the new rubber mat for the house. some volunteers have started much earlier cleaning up the house. Other organizations that work together with staff of Jamu Mak Dara for this charity drive were Jabatan Kebajikan Kuala Lipis, Pertahanan Awam, some celebrities and also reporters from Berita Harian who made coverage on the event.

we got stuck in a traffic for about 5 hours... hehhee and that night when kaiser slept, he dreamt about the traffic jam LOL :D... and until yesterday he was still feeling tired... but we both agree that we had a good time helping out and good exposure. we should do this more often as a family :)

some info of the family that we helped out.

Nama: Bustan Bin Abd Razak
No K/P: 671101-06-XXXX
Umur: 46 Tahun
Alamat: Kampung Kuala Kenong Mukim Cheka 27200 Kuala Lipis Pahang D.M
Pendidikan: Darjah 2
Pekerjaan: Kerja Kampung (mengambil upah dengan menorah getah dan penunjuk arah pelancong)
Pendapatan Purata bulanan: RM550.00
Kemahiran: Kerja Pertukangan Perbatuan Simen dan Konkrit, Pertukangan Melepa dinding dan lantai, memasang jubin.


Isteri: Siti Aminah Bt Man  No K/P : 680501-02-XXXX Umur: 45 tahun Pekerjaan: (S.R.T).
  1. Anak Pertama: Mohamad Noralif B Bustan Umur: 20 tahun Pekerjaan: Pelajar IKBN Johor.
  2. Anak Kedua: Mohamad Norsyawal B Bustan Umur: 17 tahun Pekerjaan: Pelajar SMA Relai.
  3. Anak Ketiga: Muhamad Taufid B Bustan  Umur: 16 tahun Pekerjaan: Pelajar SMK Kerambit.
  4. Anak Keempat: Siti Nursolehah Bt Bustan Umur: 14 tahun Pekerjaan: Pelajar SMK Kerambit.
  5. Anak Kelima: Muhamad Nur Soleh B Bustan Umur: 12 tahun Pekerjaan: Pelajar SK Kuala Kenong.
  6. Anak Keenam: Siti Nur Hidayah Bt Bustan Umur: 10 tahun Pekerjaan: Pelajar SK Kuala Kenong.
  7. Anak Ketujuh: Muhamad Nur Firman B Bustan Umur : 3 Bulan (masih kecil - masalah jantung berlubang)
their kitchen area 
front of the house
2nd family was: 

Untuk memberi  sumbangan barangan Penaja: Adabi, Faiza, Julie’s & Snek Ku 
good job Jamu Mak Dara team :)