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wordless wednesday #4

Star Trek Into Darkness - my personal review

watched this last night. i am not a fan of star trek, but the trailer in the cinema when we went to watch ironman3 was awesome. never thought that lisa would be really interested to watch the star trek. i watched it when i was much much younger and not so thrilled about it. 
by staying near the mall, we took it for granted to leave later... we were almost 20 minutes late, and we missed the intro :( aiyahh... *should go again :P* hehehe star trek into darkness was full of actions. to tell you the truth, i am already in a yo yo mode for some reasons.. and watching this movie really made my heart beats so fast and hard! hahha :D the spaceship was so huge... and sound was so loud and deep.. it was a good movie.. full of shocking scenes as well.
i like capt kirk and spock's characters. spock has no emotions.. and capt kirk has a mind of his own when at times, his decision almost jeopardizing his crews' lives. but towards the end, when the need comes, he decides like a true captain.…

Charity Programme with Jamu Mak Dara - Kuala Lipis Pahang

alhamdulillah we got the opportunity to join with Jamu Mak Dara Sdn Bhd in their Charity programme last Sunday - 29th May 2013. but unfortunately Joey had to be left behind because last minute he had a rugby match.
This time it was in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. it was a good experience for all of us. we arrived at the meeting point 1 hour earlier due to some misunderstanding. to go to the family's house, we need to go on a boat. we enjoyed the journey. :) when we arrived the destination, there was a short speech by the organizer to thank those who came to support the activities and also sponsors.

then we had lunch... lovely chicken curry (there goes my diet) and kerabu pucuk paku, and omelette. it was simple lunch and yet so delicious. after lunch we went inside the house to put on the new rubber mat for the house. some volunteers have started much earlier cleaning up the house. Other organizations that work together with staff of Jamu Mak Dara for this charity drive were Jabatan Keba…

jet-lagged without travelling

this was what happened to me.  it was pretty terrible for me. i knew i was going to enjoy the long holiday. i just wanted to rest. and joelis knew that i wanna wake up late.. but.. i did not expect it to be like today! goshh... and now i cannot sleep because i overslept! - the jet-lagged part :p
i was up when kaiser left for work..but really got up at about 10am! that is way too late.. and somehow the bed was like not letting me go! :p lisa asked for maggi goreng. that is not healthy food but we have them for emergency..hehehe :D so, i made maggi goreng for breakfast and it was actually brunch for joelis. then, believe it or not, after that, i went crawling back to my bed! and dozed off... 
got up just around 1230 and told joey to leave for friday prayers. i quickly get up. took a shower. got ready for lunch. and we went out for lunch... did some groceries shopping at aeon. came back.. and yeup... you got it right.. fell asleep until around 4pm and that was the time kaiser came home …

ironman3 - my personal review

oh wow, it has been more than 3 weeks i think after we watched this movie! really... when we are blocked from blogging, i totally forgot about it. anyway, yeah... we (kaiser, joey and i) went to watch ironman3 at pavillion. the only one who has experienced gold seat was joey. so, kaiser and i were jakun a bit lah... since most seats were taken due to ironman3 was still selling like hot cakes.. joey seated alone below our lane. as soon as we entered the cinema, he went straight to his seat and recline his recliner seat.. waahh...
what can i say about the movie?? hmmm... i wanna watch again!! and lisa missed it.. she didn't want to go because exam was near. tony stark is handsome as always... and arrogant some people would say. in this movie, he fought more without his metal suit. so i guess he is strong with and without his ironman suit :) heh heh :D best best best.. :p 
only knew that he has anxiety problem. which i have too, and i can relate to his feeling during the anxiety at…

a new challenge

i am facing a new challenge today... and getting excited since last week. i would call it an audition :D hehehe :D choreographed a few simple steps today :) my aim is to get people to enjoy exercising without them realizing that it is a workout... we are going to work those thigh today women!! :D :D

2 weeks ago i was listening to prof muhaya's talk.. about people getting into a business. first, we must think of the value...what we want to give to the public... add value to people's life... insyaAllah, Tuhan will give us the rezeki in return...

mood ke laut

ye lah... jangan ikut mood orang kata.. tapi nak buat macamana, we are just human :p so anyway, let's not layan kan sangat... what i need to do now is just look back why i am being like this. doing too many things at a time. and lots of things that i need to manage - which most of the time include work and home.
D has been late in paying alimony, it has been 2 months now. i have smsed and no response. i am getting upset since kids expenses are increasing. it somehow affected our budgeting, and to add with my own classes fees that i need to pay. hmmmpphh... if he still do not respond, i have no choice but report to court.
everyday is too fast for me. joelis have been very helpful and understanding. so is kaiser, supportive to what i am doing. nothing comes easy. for a start, i find it very challenging... but so far i am enjoying it. i hope, and pray that i will get to do it more. if only i have done it earlier :)  exercises increases, gym - weight lifting, zumba fitness, hip hop c…

hectic times

tired for not being able to express how or what i feel. i didnt know that it can affect me this much. just that as soon as i can blog, the misery just flew away. waahhh... poetic gila...

do i love my job?

You may not give your computer screen an embarrassingly gushing smile and you might not write little love notes during your lunch break. But, there are ways to tell if you love your job.

Of course, no job is perfect -- even the best of relationships have their down days. We all have to do things we don’t like. I love working at HubSpot, it's the best job I've ever had. But, even I have “off” days where I'm not spending all my time doing things I absolutely love.

So all of the following may not be the case all of the time… but when you love your job, many of the following should be the case much of the time:
1. You don’t talk about other people; you talk about the cool things other people are doing.
“I hear Mary is heading up a new project. What are they working on?” “I’d love to know how Mike managed to rescue that customer relationship.” “Sherry developed a new sales channel; is there some way we can leverage that?”
When you love your job you don’t gossip about the personal fa…


lots of things has been on my mind for the past 2 weeks. i have been thinking about this, it is just that embarking on to it, needs a longer time. or i have been putting on hold. people say if that is what we should be doing, God will guide.. and somehow the instinct is stronger towards it. it is just a matter of when do i jump? i have started a lil bit, which give me the confidence.. more than before. not gonna talk about regret, but it is just my destiny that i started at this age. of course, i wish i have started earlier.. but thinking about it... on why.. perhaps, now my kids are bigger... and they understand better. their kind of attention is different that they ask for :) alhamdulillah, i am so grateful with my kids' development.
lisa's request was... then you can fetch me from school everyday? hehehe :D errr... nahh... that remains girl... :p school bus, that is. 
ahhh... need a lil bit more time, and convincing. now there has been too many little stuff here and there, th…

stressful lah

Hi peeps!! Yeup… stressful lah… everything is so controlled nowadays… arrgghhh…. Bila leh dok ghumah ni??

longest ever!

see the picture??? it is a very long snake.... what's the story? nothing.. :p just wanted to say that it has been a long week...and time that i have not been blogging... :"(

and owh.. i will be back dating some postings yeah... :)) *hugs*