Friday, April 26, 2013

Say NO to blocking bloggers!

Sometimes people think that by putting stringent rules, people will be more productive. Not realizing that people will be more resentful. Some people think by having such power, they can abuse them. I may be a bit cynical because I am a blogger. Those people who decides to block people from blogging are just cold hearted people who finds satisfaction by stopping people doing what they love. Bloggers are people who dares to express themselves and share their opinions in the public. People are not robots… we need a break from our work at times to release our stress. We don’t shout at others, we don’t swear… blog is one of our channel. For those employers who deliberately blocks employees from blogging will just create hatred amongst employees. But wait… do they care? Oh no.. they don’t… because they are in control. There are many other ways they can increase productivity… create happier working environment.

Say NO to blocking bloggers! :p hehehehe :D or my proposal would be… open up during off office hours ;) yes?