Monday, April 15, 2013

our wedding anniversary celebration

yes i am still at it... :p i had a great time with some close friends. the original plan was to have many people getting invited to a pool party... but then, kaiser said, he doesn't want to clean up the pool side after the party. i was like.. lerr.. it's gonna be catered. so, in the end, we both decided to have it at the Heritage Club as per my post before this. I invited 10 of my office friends and Kaiser invited his friends. All my invites did not turn up, some responded and told me they are not coming, there are those who just kept quiet, and there people who said yes but till the end of the party, they did not turn up. But we had fun never the less :) it is not the number that counts but the quality time with those who made time to be with us. And of course.. to be with a good band performing that night :)

we would also like to thank the hotel for the extra cake they gave us :) yummmy carrot cake.. and i got my choc cake from a friend of mine, sikin. check out her blog at beautifully done and delicious :))

Kaiser who never joins the ala poco poco / line dance, joined that night.. hehehe :D sorry for the photos bombarded here.. eversince i deactivated my fb account, where else can i share my photos? :D hehee bear with me please... thank you :p 


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan kak..!! sory lambat wish! ehehehe

Ein said...

thank you orochi :)